About Us

Technical support is the need of the day because there is much dependence on the technical products [both hardware and software] in the present times both in the private life as well as the industry. Our technical support company deals with the problems related to the Hotmail. Hotmail is an acclaimed mail owned by Microsoft and is one of the much used mails in the world but this mail can be subjected to problem that the skilled technicians of our technical support company solve. We are into providing the solution for the Hotmail since many years now and this has been an excellent growth. We are operating under an efficient management system and our skilled technicians solve the Hotmail problems well in time.

Our major customer base is in the countries like UK, USA and Canada. Our timely services and the efficiency of our technicians are paying us as far as the trust factor is concerned. So far, our services in the area of providing Hotmail support have given one hundred percent positive results to our customers. We provide Hotmail solutions through a team work and we believe that it is team work that provides a solution with perfection. We have residential offices in the different parts of the world and our teams solve the Hotmail problems both from the head office and various other offices located in the different parts of the world. We have head offices located in UK and USA.

After the completion of the major and minor projects related to the Hotmail support, our teams report to the technical in-charge. He finalizes the rectifications and the customer is called back as things are solved. Our technicians solve various problems by way of the remote access and our toll free numbers are available 24/7 for Outlook/Hotmail technical support. If the customer is unsatisfied, we can arrange a direct call to the deputy CEO in case need arises.