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How to get back up Outlook’s Stuff? Quick & Effective

Outlook mail is among the top web services of the world. The webmail services named Hotmail was later acquired by Microsoft and renamed as  Outlook mail. After the launch of Outlook in 2012, Microsoft made the beta version available to the users. An email account needs to be protected and secure. So, How to get Back up Outlook’s stuff?

Outlook supports later versions of Internet Explorer and uses Ajax programming techniques. Exclusive keyboard control gives the ability to navigate around the page without the assistance of a mouse.

It also has the ability to filter your emails messages, a folder-based organization of messages. Outlook mail enables grouping of contacts, importing documents and files and auto-completion of contact addresses during composting. It also supports exporting of contacts as CSV files, rich text formatting, rich text signatures. It offers multiple addresses, virus scanning, and spam filtering.

The Need for backing up our mail account

You need to backup your email account for a number of reasons such as it is vulnerable to hacking and hosting failure, cost management in the business community. Emails can also be lost due to accidental or intentional deletes and storage management of your account. To permanently secure your email accounts you need to back up. If in future any of the incidents affect you then you will regain all your precious data.

Why Back Up your Outlook Mail?

Like all the advantages from Microsoft, you also have some drawbacks from its Outlook mail service. It has login server problems and files hosting failure quite often. Then the question arises how to get back up Outlook’s Stuff. Once your mail account is backed up then lose the fear of forgetting your password or any accidental deletions. Backing up your mail account helps you to restore your account at any time. You could also remotely access it from any part of the world using your Outlook mail and password.

How to get Back up Outlook’s Stuff

  • Highlight the data file in the Data Files list
  • Click Open File Location
  • Copy your Outlook files that need to be backed up
  • Now right-Click on the highlighted file
  • Then select Copy from the context menu that has shown
  • Then Select the Option Import / Export
  • Open the folder in which you want the backup or copy of the PST file
  • This will ask you to give a recovery mail.
  • Then you have to upload all your data which is very time-consuming.
  • This can be overcome by using Microsoft’s server.
  • Once the upload is finished then relocate your Outlook files
  • Then copy and upload your files in any cloud software databases.
  • Create your password and you are done.

All your data, email, contacts are now securely backed up and can easily be accessed at any time.

If you are using Outlook’s Mail Services, then you might be aware or have encountered with this type of problems. Similar way you could have other problems related to backing up your Outlook account and restoration. Though, you can easily back up without losing your precious data. For the process of restoration is done using Microsoft’s Server.

Avail our Technical Assistance: Get Connected with Microsoft Support

Still struggling and could not figure out how to get back up outlook’s stuff.  Unable to fix the issue feel free to get in touch with us. Connect with us resolve your issue in a matter of some minutes and enjoy the enhanced experience of your email service.

Connect To our Online Support

To help you in an efficient way for further assistance, about How to get Back up Outlook’s stuff and to get it secure, You can connect with us by sending us an Email at our Microsoft Email Support and talk to our support executives. You can avail our list of available services and speak directly to our highly trained certified experts.

Call Our 24*7 Customer Support

Contact our Outlook mail support number +1-855-465-0984. Our customer support has the certified professionals working with us 24*7 to assist you to resolve your problems. We provide you with our best service directly. You can also have assistance with time-bound services at very nominal charge along with uninterrupted service. We are always happy to help you out at any hour.

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Not Able to Export Outlook Folders to Another Format: Fix It Now

Are you not able to export Outlook folders to another format? Is it stopping you in between of your important work?

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager available as a part of Microsoft Office Suite. It is mainly used as an email application, but it also includes web browsing, journal, calendars etc.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft is one of the global names in the world of technology. Its ability to adapt and respond to the changing technology and market demand helps them to create a strong brand image. Can you think of any operating system other than Microsoft?

Outlook is the best discovery of Microsoft. It not only integrates with many devices and applications but also provide us with security, calendar, task etc. No doubt it is a user-friendly but irrespective of its brand value there are certain problems you might face. Are you facing the problem with Outlook?  If not able to export Outlook folders to another format, do not worry! Dealing with it can be a little tough due to its complex settings. Only a tech expert with proper knowledge can assist you. Our certified Engineers equip with proper tools and methods can help you in solving your problems.

Easy Solutions for not able to Export Outlook Folders to Another Format:

Sometimes our most important files and documents are within Microsoft Outlook and exporting it can give us a tough time. The two easiest way we can provide you to troubleshoot your problems while exporting outlook folders are:

  • Export email into another format.
  • First, select a file in the email list.
  • Then go to File Tab and then select save as option.
  • There you will get options to select format like Text Only, HTML, Template,MHT, Unicode etc.
  • Select the desired format.
  • Then name the file and save it.
  • This method only works to export the single message but for multiple message outlook only provide you with Text Format.
  • Export Outlook items to PST file.
  • Go to the file tab.
  • Then go to the info and select option from their select advanced.
  • Click export and then click next.
  • Select outlook data file and then click browse option where you want to save it.

By following the methods as mentioned above you can easily export Outlook folders to another format.  Are you still facing the problem? Are you still not able to export Outlook folders to another format? Feel free to call us. We provide you with accurate guidance and first-hand information about the process.

Reliable Support a call away!

You are at right place to get wonder of solutions for not able to export outlook folders to another format. Our Microsoft Tech Support has well deep resources to troubleshoot your problem. Serving for years and expertise in this field they can easily fix your problems. Our engineers have innovative techniques and method to rescue you from your issues quickly.

Call us for Instant Support:

Do not feel disappointed if you are still not able to export outlook folders to another format. Feel free to call our  Microsoft Outlook Support number +1-855-465-0984. Our engineers are working round the clock to provide you with a seamless experience in finding assistance. They provide you with quick support from the help of our certified technicians. Our +1-855-465-0984 contact number is for your convenience. Call us without waiting any longer and say no to error.

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How to Fix Hijacked Email Address?

Is your email address not opening?  Lost all your data from inbox? Facing problem with your account? Be aware! it can be hijacked. Hijack means someone stealing your data from your account. Or you can say someone has the access to your account. Now, how to fix hijacked Email address?

Email is an electronic mailing process. It was initiated in 1980. Through this system, we share our all important data with other persons by using the internet. It can be a document, or a datasheet, a picture anything. It is really very alarming if it got hijacked. We may lose all of our information.

So we need to know how to fix hijacked Email address as soon as possible.  But, the question is how to identify that our email account has been hijacked. There are few symptoms through which you can understand that your account has been hacked.

What are the Common Symptoms of Hijacking?

Disturbed! Frustrated? Not understanding, There might be some reason why you are facing such issue? let’s check if you have these issues or not.

  • Maybe your Username or Password is not working
  • Maybe your account has been deleted
  • Suddenly, you find your inbox as empty
  • You may see unrecognized transactions also

If you face any of the above problems, then be sure, that it is hijacked! Don’t worry about it. We will tell about some ways to fix it. So to know how to fix hijacked email address- read with me the following steps.

Accurate Solutions on How to Fix Hijacked Email Address

There are a number of methods are available to set it. It may lose you all important data. As a better option, you can always get a help from us. We have a pool of experts to do this.  Still, to set your account carries the following steps.-

  1. Get into your email account

The first step you need to take is, log in to your email account. If you are facing problem to do this.. we are always there to assist you.

2. Change your password

As you are in your email account, the very first thing you should do is change your password. Make it difficult one. In addition, a complex password.

3. Change your security question.

In this step, you need to change your security question too. Similar to the previous one, make your security question as something unique and tough one.

4. Inform all your email contacts.

To be safe, inform all your contacts that your account has been hacked. It will help them to know that your account is unsafe to send emails.

5. Commit to multifactor authentication

It is another level of a security layer. By committing to this authentication system you will get a one time code to login in your email account. Usually, the code is sent in your mobile numbers.

6. Go through your email settings

Hackers are very prone to modify your email settings. So, check your email settings, and see whether it is in a right form or not.

7. Scan your computer for Malware and viruses.

It is very important to scan your computer with an antivirus application. This will help you to make your security stronger.

8. Change all those accounts which have the same password

How to fix hijacked email address?. In addition to all these above-mentioned steps, you need to acquire this step also. One particular key is not used for every lock..right?? Just like that, you should not have all same passwords for all sites.

9. Check for spam

Some hackers kidnap your email account to attack your friends or contacts. They use your email address to send spam or blank emails to your contacts. They may want to know their personal information too.

10. Create a new email address

It is the best option to make a new email address. But, by doing this you will be not able to retrieve your old data. This new address would be your new start. But, your old information, which might be very important will lost.

If you find these steps difficult to follow, we are always there to help you.

Confused? Your help is just a call away…

Struggling to restore your hijacked email address? But, unable to find the right path! Don’t worry! You can still fix it. We are always there for you to assist you. you can contact our expert too. They are the most trustworthy technicians you can get. We are available for 24 x 7.

You can keep in touch with us anytime anywhere. We can reach in your office as well as at home. Most importantly, you can fix it in a very affordable way. We have call facility, we have mail facility as well as the live chat facility.

Call Support: Dial the toll-free Microsoft Outlook Support Number +1-855-465-0984 and get fix it.

Email Support: You can send an email to our Microsoft Support Email ID addressing your issues. They will get back to you in minutes.

Live Chat Support: For a better experience visit the Microsoft Chat Support portal and talk to our support executives about your issues.

We keep an open window for our customer to connect with us. Connect today!

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Fix Not Enough Memory in Outlook

There are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of when you come across cannot expand outlook folders not enough memory. You simply have to understand the possible cause behind you receiving this error. The road to troubleshoot complicated issues is often easy if you know the cause and symptoms.

Furthermore, you obviously want to get rid of this annoying error, here is the reason why it happens.

Why you cannot expand Outlook Folders not enough Memory?

This problem seems to occur when your Outlook Messaging Profile includes a Microsoft Exchange Account. Which is required to arrange the use of Cached Exchange Mode or download Public Folder Favorites option. This problems usually occur if the options are enabled. Also, this problem occurs when you have more than 1,000 public folders approximately, or when the cached public folders consume the space of more than one gigabyte.

So in this case, you will simply have to keep all these checkpoints in mind. However, if you want to know more about the primary cause of this error, check this out.

What is the main reason for not enough memory in Outlook?

When you click the Address Book on the toolbar, you may receive some of the most annoying error messages. Either you will come across an error in the display folder or error in the memory program. Either way, you have to clear your cache and cookies to make some space for this to work. Deleting some of the not needed files can also help you resolve this.

Take a look at some of this easy thing to follow in order to get rid of this issues.

How to Expand Outlook Folders and Resolve Not Enough Memory Error?

Follow the steps that are suggested by our experts. don’t miss any of the steps below guided by our experts so that you don’t experience any sort of issue.

At first, exit Outlook.

then  browse to anyone of the following file locations which are provided below:

  • Outlook 2007: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office
  • Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office1


Select Browse to select the Outlook Data File (.pst) you want to scan.

Click on Start to begin the scan

If it detects any error on scanning.

Contact Us For Microsoft Support

We have managed to become one of the trusted outlook support providers among rest of the competitors at the present day. Contact our helpline services for your convenience. And if you want to call one of our specialists to resolve your problem? We have a team of specialists who are highly experienced and are active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to resolve your problem.

Live Chat Support:

You can use our live chat facility to contact our specialist to get the instant reply. They are available for your call 24*7 for your convenience.

Email Support:

You can even drop an email by listing your issues to our experts. Our tech experts will get back to you with accurate solutions to your queries. We are available 24/7 for your assistance. Connect today!

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Ways to recover deleted folders in Outlook

Have you deleted or lost a folder from your Microsoft Outlook Application? No need to worry about, you landed on the right page. We will guide you, How to recover deleted folders in Outlook easily, without any complications.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is your personal information manager, mainly used as email applications. In Outlook, a personal folder extension file is located on your PC’s hard disk instead of a server. Your personal folder and file contain all your personal documents like files, messages, forms, and others. The benefit of using the Outlook is, you can copy or move your file to another location on your computer or server.

Setting up personal folders is easy. Earlier it was little difficult but with the technology advancement Outlook 2010, was made more user-friendly to avoid hassles.

Benefits of using Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is always been compared with the Google. They are different from one another. Gmail is an email provider and a webmail interface. But whereas Outlook is a software application that manages your email address and any email addresses which you want to configure. Also, it comes with many integrated features. Microsft Outlook also includes contacts, calendar, task manager, web browsing, note taking etc.

Why your folders are deleted from Microsoft Outlook?

If this sub-headline has attracted you, surely, you deleted your important emails or file attached to it accidentally or by mistake.  So, what are the possible reasons for getting your files deleted?

  • Perhaps you are working efficiently and sincerely, and you are almost finished, but the power goes out and you forget to save your work. The whole work is deleted or gone in a fraction of second.
  • While updating the better version of  MS Outlook, your files and folders might get lost or deleted.
  • Close the folder, messages before saving.
  • A virus might have attacked the software. Viruses like worms and trojans can attack your system very easily. It would be a good advise to install an antivirus as soon as possible for no longer harassment.
  • Hacking can be an option of your lost folders. There are many hackers, who track down your important documents and folders. Kindly, be more careful while sharing your information and try to change your passwords frequently.

These are the most common problems, that you have come across and came here for how to recover deleted folders in Outlook. But not to worry about, the following article has the solution for it.

Recover the folder that’s no longer in your Deleted folder

It’s common and tiring when you can’t even find your folder or items from the deleted items folder. If you faced problems like such, goto the recoverable items folder. All the deleted items are moved to a hidden folder by selecting it and pressing Shift+Delete., which is recoverable.       (Recoverable The folders which are hidden folder, and in this place items are moved when you Permanently delete an item by selecting it and pressing Shift+Delete.)

Problem with Microsoft Outlook is nothing to be shocked of. It’s pretty common, plenty of users do face it every day. But no reason to worry, we have technicians to help you out. Go through the further article.

How to recover deleted folders in Outlook? Easy guide

Many of you have accidentally deleted an item or folder from your Outlook mailbox and have a terrible experience on losing it.  The first thing that comes to your mind is how to recover or undo. The undoes process is not in your option. so what to do? Follow these amazing steps below and figure out the problem :

1. Recover deleted  Outlook folder from Deleted Items folder

  • First, open your outlook. Go to your email folder. Look for your trash bin or deleted items.
  • Search for the item you want,  message, calendar, notes, contacts, then right-click on it and select Move> Other Folder.

2. Recover deleted Outlook folder from the Server.

If you have permanently deleted your folder and don’t know how to restore it. Don’t worry we will fix your problem.

Try to retrieve them back using “Recover Deleted Items from the Server” option.

Engage with Microsoft Support for the Best Result

Still struggling on How to recover deleted folders in Outlook? Don’t be tensed, we are here for your assistance. Fixation of deleted folders in Microsoft Outlook is little difficult, as you are not tech savvy, better not to try by yourself, ways to connect with us:

Call Support: Call us at our toll-free number +1-855-465-0984 and describe your problem. Our outlook technical support team and experts are available 24/7 at your assistance to fix any problem that you are encountering.

Email Support: You can even mail us . We will get in touch with you asap.

Live Chat Support: We also provide live chats and video chat portals. Experts will guide you with step wise directions. Always feel free to connect with us.

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Easily Fix Multiple PST Files In Outlook

Outlook is a vastly used webmail suit from Microsoft. And that has made it vulnerable to many issues and problems. Multiple PST File Error is one among its most common issues. But before we begin to discuss the how to fix multiple pst files in outlook, we must first know what are these PST files and what causes the error.

What is PST Files?

These are Outlook Data Files that are used for copying or moving attachments and Emails. With these PST files, you can move these emails and attachments from your mail server to the local PC.

So, these are more like your local archive created for storing your emails and attachments on the hard drive of your computer or server share or USB, wherever you want.

Earlier, you could only store 2 Gigabytes of your emails and attachments. But, with Outlook 2003 and 2007 Outlook, you can now store over 20 Gigabytes of same information. However, you must not create huge PST files. If you want to store huge data, create multiple PST files.

So, if you are using them in abundance, you would need easy ways to fix multiple PST files in Outlook. But then, what are the root cause of errors in these files?

Causes Of PST Files Issues

Sometimes you will not be able to open or access these PST files. They get corrupt and hence become inaccessible. There could be a few reasons for that.

The Hardware Reason

At times, your hardware could be the reason why you can’t access your PST file. There are a few different  kinds of hardware issues that can corrupt your PST file.

  • Failure of data storage devices-If your PST file is stored in the bad sector of your hard drive, it might make the file corrupt.
  • Fault In the network device- If your PST file is on the network server and you try to access it from the client computer, then it might get corrupt due to the issue in any network device.
  • Power failure- If the power goes off while you are you are still looking at your PST file, it can damage the file.

The Software Reason

Sometimes, the error can also occur due to the problem with software.

  • File Recovery – A file recovery that went wrong can damage the PST files. It is hard to believe but true. Sometimes, when you try to recover PST file, you might end up corrupting it further.
  • Malware or Virus – No need to tell you that a malware or virus can corrupt pretty much everything, even your PST files.
  • Abnormal Termination of Outlook – Make sure you gracefully and systematically close your outlook after saving all the changes you made to PST files. An abnormal exit from your webmail can damage these files.

These are just a few reasons why you could lose your PST file or they could be corrupted. So, now let’s see how to fix multiple pst files in outlook.

How to Fix Multiple PST Files In Outlook?

Usually, you first step should be to contact an expert. But in case you want to try a few things yourself, you can begin by using the file explorer. A little tweaking can help you know why the file got corrupted. This, in turn will give you the idea on what to do.

But, first you must update your software and run the antivirus scan for any malware. These are the two very common factors that damage your PST file. You just might be lucky and you could fix multiple PST files in Outlook by updating your software or clearing out you system of viruses and malware.

In a graver condition, you might want to use the inbuilt tool by Microsoft for repairing the PST files. However, if you are looking for the best workaround solution, going to an expert is the best choice. It is, at least better and safe than doing it manually. You just might end up damaging the files more. The professionals will know the right thing to do.

What If Nothing Works?

That’s a million dollar question –  what if you are unable to fix multiple pst files in outlook? Well then, find an expert, call us. For any assistance in repairing your PST files, you can give us a call on our toll-free number. Our team is knowledgeable and capable to deal with all kind of PST issues.

We can guide you through the entire process and suggest some wonderful utility tools for the same. You can also email us your query or avail our Outlook support feature for help. remember, we are always your last resort. if nothing works, we can surely help you.

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Resolve “Outlook not responding when opening” Issue

Microsoft Outlook helps to archive Inbox emails to reduce the mailbox size. Random Outlook issues can restrict your productivity and hamper your efficiency. Repeated issues related to “Outlook not responding when opening” can be resolved by opting for instant help. Read the write-up and gain an idea regarding the reasons that lead to this unresponsive issue with your Email Account.

Why is Outlook not responding when opening?

These are some several reasons why Outlook stops responding.

  • Outdated Outlook may be the reason for not responding of the Outlook
  • In case the Outlook users use the application in multiple processes then the problem occurs with them
  • There must be problems with the add-in installed
  • Due to a heavy mailbox, it stops responding sometimes
  • Any nature of demoralization in Office programs may cause for Outlook not responding when opening
  • If your device contains Corrupt or damaged Outlook Data Files then it may stop responding
  • In case there is any issue related to struggle in the antivirus software be the reason
  • The user’s profile is corrupt then there may be a problem

All the issues are found when you open the Outlook and it doesn’t respond. By the given steps, you can resolve the issue.

How to solve Outlook not responding when opening issue?

Mentioned below are some of the common solutions which help you to get solutions regarding Outlook not responding when opening.

  1. When Outlook starts, it will locate and load your mailbox file and your Outlook profile. Before storing your mailbox file, you have to make sure that your computer should have an active connection. You have to disable the 3rd party Outlook and use the Outlook Detect & Repair Function to automatically fix Mailbox File Errors.
  2. If you are facing any problem of outlook not responding when opening, at first Close all open programs and applications.
  3. You have to reduce the data files of your mailbox, even though with time your outlook inbox is getting bigger in size
  4. Fix office data which helps you to solve your problem.
  5. You have to close the office application first >Then open the Control Panel. Here you can change your Office Programmes.
  6. By disabling your antivirus software, you can fix this problem. When your antivirus software gets out of date, it might be the big reason for the outlook issue.

Get in touch with our Microsoft Support

These are some tricks of Outlook not responding when opening at your home. Still facing a problem with outlook stop responding when opening? Don’t worry. We are here for you to give you quick support.

If the above methods are not helping to fix the problem in Outlook and it doesn’t work then it means that your Outlook Data file is corrupt. Don’t worry you can resolve it with the help of our technical experts that experienced in solving the Microsoft Outlook Error.

You can call our toll-free Outlook support phone number +1-855-465-0984, We have messaging facilities also where you can message us anytime for the quick response. Our experts are always available to you.

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Recover delete a .pst file from Microsoft Outlook – Easy Steps

Keeping unnecessary data may damage or slow down your system. It is also mandatory to keep your important data safe. What will happen if you lose your important data or if your system slows down? Do you want to recover/delete .pst files from your outlook profile? Learn How to recover delete a .pst file from a profile?

All about .pst file in Microsoft Outlook?

PST stands for Personal Storage. Basically a personal storage file in the Microsoft Outlook used for locating in the disk drive, or mailbox located on the server. It stores the data for email, calendar, contacts etc.

Earlier used ANSI PST file with 2GB storage limit. However, the earlier versions used Unicode PST with more storage limit as compared to the previous.

Why should we learn How to recover delete a .pst file from a profile?

Sometimes accidentally the data gets deleted from your profile. The reason behind this either maybe you or your system. You may encounter big trouble for this. You may think of recovering the data, and maybe you have tried it too. But since you are unable to get it back, we know how disturbing that can be.

Similarly, we all know that the new versions of Outlook are providing more storage limit than 2GB. But keeping an excess of unnecessary data can full your storage device. This may slow down your system, or it may start misbehaving. There is also a chance of losing important data, as well as your data, couldn’t be stored.

To overcome these problems, we need to learn how to recover delete a .pst file from a profile?  There is also a huge risk of your files getting corrupted. So it is advisable to keep your data backed up into smaller manageable files.

When will you face problem in recovering or deleting a .pst file?

If your storage gets full of the necessary data, there is a huge chance of getting some of your files corrupted. You may not find the correct data which is needed. You will get an error. It is designed to support the local storage and not for any PST network.

Sometimes it happens that your file is not corrupted or not deleted. Since you may get some errors like file not found or the file is corrupted. Wait, this may also happen due to the network traffic.

You may also not be able to get the data if it is archived or hidden. The hidden or archived folder cannot be retrieved because it does not have any personal storage. Here are few simples tips to make it solved.

How to recover .pst file from your profile?

If you face a sudden error with your file driver, this may be generated due to the corruption of file. Outlook is unable to read the file because it is archived. Or it may be the reason for network traffic. You can use Outlook Inbox Repair to get rid of this problem.

Outlook Inbox Repair (Scanpst.exe) is a utility which is used to repair the corrupted files. The data can also be recovered with the help of this exe file.

If you are using Microsoft Recovery, It is also a safe PST Repair. Instead, if you want to delete some data that is not mandatory for you. Here are some steps to delete your data.

  • First of all, navigate your PST File location.
  • Secondly, navigate the file from outlook you want to delete.
  • Then remove it from there.
  • After removing from outlook, navigate your PST File again.
  • Then delete the file.

That’s all for deleting a .pst file from your profile. Hope, you were able to delete the file from your profile. If not you can solve it with our expert advice from our professionals.

Are you unable to recover lost or archived pst file? Go through the simple steps to recover your file.

  • Locate your folder where the pst files were stored.
  • Restore the previous version
  • Then you will get a list.
  • Select the file and copy it to the original folder.

Was this information helpful to you? Did you recover your pst file successfully? Don’t worry, we are here for your help. Yes, it is better to solve your issue with the help of a perfect guide.

Contact us for Microsoft Support

We are available for your help any time. You can get expertise solutions from our professional experts. Give a call to Microsoft Outlook Support Number +1-855-465-0984. Are you unable to connect with us through a call? Our support team is also available with the Live Chat and Email Support facility.

Either you give a call or reach us through live chat or drop an email. You can easily avail our live chat support from chat support portal. Drop a mail with all your problems mentioned on it briefly. Our experts will get back to you in no time. Get all your problems resolved easily according to your convenience.

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Cannot Expand Outlook Folders Not Enough Memory? Guide Yourself With Quick And Effective Solution

Microsoft Outlook is a renowned email service used by people across the globe. It is also acts as a application because it contains various user-friendly options. With Outlook you can easily access your inbox or email offline. Customizing and organizing your email becomes here. Other unique features include mail tips, sharing calendars, ignoring conversation, rich contact information, multiple process to find email and more. The primary purpose of email is to send and receive message.  Nothing can be more irritating when outgoing mails are stacked. One probable reason for this is when “Cannot expand Outlook folders not enough memory” error message appears.

Reasons that trigger “Cannot expand outlook folders not enough memory” error

When your Outlook mailbox is filled with bulk of messages or data, it consumes huge space. And it also results in various critical problems that might hamper your work. Various reasons are responsible for this error. Therefore it is essential to identify the exact cause and then resolve it with adequate solutions.

Here are some of the probable reasons for which this error occurs.

  1. No display of the folder due to insufficient memory.
  2. If you are unable to archive Mailbox.
  3. When your Outlook Mailbox has crossed its limit.
  4. If there is a wrong customization settings.
  5. The BCM in Outlook huge amount of memory.
  6. If there is a large accumulation of folders.

Why expand the Outlook Folders?

Expanding your Outlook folders helps in many ways. Not only it creates space but also improves the performance of your Outlook application. It also resolves various problems that develops with your Outlook application. You can easily share huge number of files and folders in your profile. The sending and receiving procedure becomes flawless. Therefore whenever you get an error take necessary steps and expand your Outlook foLders without any delay.

How to expand outlook folders not enough memory?

It is always wise to remove the errors at its earliest. Delaying can result in severe problems which cannot be restricted. Same goes with the Outlook not enough memory error. If you are unaware about the process of expanding Outlook folders, follow the simple steps given below:

In order to resolve this issue, you have to disable the ” Download public folder favorites” option.

  1. In your Outlook, click on file option followed by account settings
  2. Choose Microsoft exchange account and select change
  3. Select more settings option
  4. Click on clear button in the advanced tab
  5. Now click ok
  6. If prompted restart the Outlook
  7. Click next, post this click finish and close option
  8. At last exit your Outlook and again restart it

After you are done with the steps as mentioned above, your Outlook folders is expanded.  You can easily access your folders and share them. The space added will allow you to store your data safely.

While using Outlook this type of problems might occur. But there is nothing to worry. As expanding the folders resolves your multiple problems.

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If you still Cannot expand outlook folders not enough memory, take experts help. We understand the number of problems you face while receiving this error. You will want to get your work hampered due to the problems. Therefore, try the steps that we have discussed earlier. In case if you are still not able to resolve it, contact our technicians for better clarification.

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