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Easy Hacks To Fix Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed Issue

Microsoft Outlook email service is one of the most reliable email services out in the market. But the Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed error message often appears while using the exchange mailbox through the OST files.

In MS Outlook, it stores all the mailbox data in an offline storage table (OST) file while connecting the exchange server. If you experience any downtime while using the MS Outlook account, these OST files play a crucial role. Hence, you can access your MS Outlook account without any interruption.

This Outlook issue is one of the most common problems often faced by Outlook users. If you want some useful knowledge to cure the problem, it is the perfect place for that. This article is totally based on this particular Outlook problem.

Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

Reasons Why Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed

Reasons are the most important part which you have to know before going to the solution part. There are various reasons behind the Outlook problem. Let’s look into some of the possible reasons behind the error:

  • Missing OST file location.
  • MS Outlook profile is corrupted.
  • Corrupted or damaged OST files.
  • Antivirus and Firewall application may cause the problem.

These reasons are the key factors behind the problem. Now if you can fix the issue by yourself, then fine. Otherwise, you can follow the article to know the solutions.

Ways To Troubleshoot Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed Problem

After navigating to the exact reason behind the error, t let’s look at the solution procedures. There are a lot of ways to resolve the issue, depending on the causes. Here we are going to discuss some easiest ways by which you can fix the Outlook data file cannot be an accessed problem in ease.

Method 1: Open A New Account

Sometimes the OST file problem may occur due to the defected MS Outlook account. If the problem arises from this corrupted Outlook account, then there is no option to replace it with a new one.

Before creating a new account save the OST files data in an external storage device. Then create a new account and paste the data in the new account by which you can access those files again.

Method 2: Locate The OST Files

Many times it is seen that if you can’t find the OST files in your device, it may show the problem. So, open the Control Panel tab and search for Mail option.

Then click on the Properties under Show profile. From there, you can find the Data Files and open the files and note the location. After that, you will not face the problem again.

Method 3: Disabling Firewall And Antivirus Applications

If you are using a Firewall and Antivirus applications in your system, these may prevent you to access the OST files. In that case, the antivirus applications and Firewall may think that OST files are carrying some threats for your device.

Hence as soon as you face the trouble, just disable the antivirus and Firewall on a temporary basis.

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After applying the solutions thoroughly if you are still facing the Outlook data file cannot be accessed problem, connect with the Microsoft Customer Service for further assistance. The technicians are always there to help you out form the problem.

You can dial the Outlook Customer Service helpline number[] and your queries. Moreover, you can also go for the online chat facility to discuss your problem with the technicians directly. Therefore, for any kind of technical glitch, you can come to us at any time.


What To Do When Outlook Search Not Working?

In recent ages, Outlook is used by a huge number of users for emailing purposes. But there are times while Outlook search not working. Due to the wrong indexing of Outlook, users face the same problem with their Outlook account. When users open Outlook Search, either the application gets stopped or stops responding.

There can be numerous reasons for why users can face this same problem with their Outlook account. Once the users get this problem, they stop receiving any search results and notice that some search results are missing from their account.

Unfortunately, if you are also getting the same problem then this article can help you to fix the problem on your own.

What Causes Outlook 365 Search Not Working?

There are multiple causes that are responsible for not working the Outlook Search. Some of them are stated below. Once you are able to know the root causes solving becomes easier for you.

  • If you have not indexed your Outlook account correctly then there is a chance of getting the same problem.
  • Due to the OST or PST problems, the Outlook Search may stop working and leave you puzzled.
  • When you did not update the Office programs for many days then this might create the same problem.
  • If the sleep-time is not set properly then also you may find the Outlook Search stop working.

Outlook Search Not Working

What To Do When Microsoft Outlook Search Not Working? Stepwise Instructions

Once you get familiar with the causes, it’s time to implement the steps one by one and check which one is suitable for you the most.

Solution 1:  Start a Quick Fix

Start a Quick Fix

The very first thing you have to do is to navigate to the Search icon and click on it. After that, type Control Panel in the box and press down the Enter button. Now, open the Control Panel and then move to the Programs option. Click on Programs and select Programs and Features option from here.

After that, tap on the Office Client option that is located at the top section of the screen. Now, select the Change icon and move to click on the “Quick Repair” option. Keep waiting for a few moments while the process is going on. At the final step, try to open the Outlook search and check if it starts working or not.

Solution 2: Modify the Sleep-Time

Modify the Sleep-Time

If you have saved too many emails on your Outlook Client then you have to set the correct timing for re-indexing operation. While archiving is going on, the re-index process will be started. Hence you have to change the sleep time and then check if the problem is still showing up or not.

First of all, you have to navigate to the Outlook’s File option and then tap on the Account Settings tab. After that, navigate to the Account Settings by clicking on the drop-down menu.  Now, you have to select an email account by double-clicking on it and move to tap on More Settings.

Now, tap on the Advanced tab that you can find in the Settings window and move to the Server Timeouts section. Here, you have to drag the slider from left to right. It will help you to increase sleep time.

After doing this navigate to the OK icon and click on it. If you do not change any other settings then click on Cancel. Close Outlook from your device and check if the same problem still appears or not.

Solution 3: Upgrade Office Programs

Upgrade Office Programs

In recent ages, Microsoft has released an update that may cause the Outlook search not working problem. For this reason, we recommend you to update Outlook Client by following the steps stated here.

  1. At first, navigate to the File and then access the Office Account from here.
  2. After that, find the Updates icon and then click on it.
  3. Then, tap on the Update Now option and install all the updates that are available for you.
  4. Once the update process gets over, you have to rebuild index settings.
  5. Close Outlook program from your device and then navigate to the Control Panel.
  6. After that, click on the Search field of Control Panel and write down Indexing in the box.
  7. Then, click on the Indexing option from the list and move to the Advanced icon.
  8. Tap on Advanced and switch to index Settings tab as well.
  9. At last, choose the Rebuild icon and check if the problem is still showing up or not.

Solution 4: Recreate MS Outlook Search Index

Recreate MS Outlook Search Index

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to open Outlook and tap on the File menu. After that, find the options section and click on it. Now, tap on the Search icon. After that, move to the Indexing icon and select the Advanced icon by clicking on it.

Then, it’s time to switch to the Index Settings tab. Now, navigate to the Troubleshooting icon and tap on Rebuild from the section. Keep waiting while the rebuilding process is going on. At the final step, restart your device and Outlook to check the status of the error.

Solution 5: Repair the OST and PST Corruption

Repair the OST and PST Corruption

Are you still encountering the same problem? Then try to repair the OST and PSt files and check if the problem gets fixed or not. To do so, at first, click on the Start option and click on the Search tab.

Here, write down Properties and press down the Enter button. Choose Properties tab from here and let the dialog box appear on the display. Choose the “Clear Offline Items” that you find under the dialog box.

Then, tap on OK and proceed with the next step. Now, click on the Send or Receive button and move to select the Update Folder option from the present window. It will save the changes you just have done.

Solution 6: Build a New Window Profile

Build a New Window Profile

Have you executed all the above procedures? But still, getting the same problem? Try to create a new Windows account and check if this solution is helpful or not.

  1. The very first thing you have to do is to press down the Windows and I button at the same time on your keyboard.
  2. After that, find the Account Entry option and click on it.
  3. Then, choose the Other People icon and tap on the “Add someone else to this PC” option from the left of the screen.
  4. Now, look at the bottom of the page and select the “I don’t have this person’s sign-in info” by clicking on it.
  5. Stay on the same page and again choose “Add a user without a Microsoft account”.
  6. Here, you have to create a new username and a unique password that is difficult to hack.
  7. Once done, click on Complete and give an administrator rights to the account you just have created.

Solution 7: Verify the Mailbox

 If none of the above methods are not reliable for you to fix Microsoft Outlook search not working then you need to check if the mailbox is indexed properly or not. To do so, at the initial step, you have to open Outlook from your device.

After that, navigate to the File option and click on it. Then, move to select Options and click on the Search icon that is located at the left panel of the tab.

Now, look at the right side of the screen and choose “Indexing” from here. After that, change the Outlook search options and tap on Modify. From this window, you can index MS Outlook completely.

Concluding Note:

Hopefully, the above seven solutions are enough for you to solve Outlook 365 search not working. But in case if you find any problem or any difficulties while executing the steps, then contact experts and take more advance guidance from them.

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If all the solutions fail to resolve outlook 365 search not working error, then you may need the help of an expert. You can avail Outlook Support for further guidance. We are always here to help you. Our technicians can give you further suggestions as well as they can fix the error manually. To avail the Outlook customer support, dial Outlook Support Number and register your complaint. We offer time-bound services at an affordable rate. We will take the necessary steps as soon as possible to fix the issue. Furthermore, you can clear your doubts instantly through our live chat support.

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Repair an Outlook 2007 Data File with Easy Hacks

Outlook is a Microsoft Office suite that stores email for every account in Personal Storage Table (PST).  It is a de-facto business client and is used as an exchange email server. Remember, on How to fix Outlook 2007 Data File corrupted issue; you need to see the foremost that your Outlook is of the latest version and figure out where the file is located. If you are facing this problem frequently, you must go through the following points.

Why does Outlook Data File get corrupted?

As we know Outlook Data are located on App Data Folder, you must be able to securely set up your account with Outlook. It receives its personal base with a (.ost) extension. The OST extension is the offline data file but for exchange email account, hence this might be a problem. Fixing Outlook 2007 Data File corrupted is not actually an extremely tedious task, only if you can access the solutions.

When the particular Outlook Data File is not opening, you might receive an error message saying ‘Outlook can’t open.’

The basic reasons for the corrupted Data Files can be as follows

  • Account settings might be changed, hence the files might get deleted or corrupted.
  • The scanned files might not have been backed up.
  • The size of your PST files must be larger than recommended.
  • Your Outlook version might be obsolete hence data cannot be compatible.
  • You might miss your last service pack from Outlook, that might make the suite an obsolete one.
  • Your Anti-Virus might not be working properly, hence while your surfing through the internet, some malicious files entered your device.
  • The system might not be configured, which is another problem.
  • The user’s local drive might be corrupted.
  • You might have a data storage failure, that your device has not warned you about.
  • If you have tried to update the Outlook then make sure you complete the download process and properly run the administration for better performance.
  • You have shared your .pst file on multiple networks.
  • Usual addition and removal of third-party tools in the system.
  • Running Outlook on a compatibility mode.
  • Using a profile which is created on an older version.

What happens when Outlook Files get corrupted?

Virus infected data files usually get tampered, which can eventually affect the device. You might not get 100% data recovery if the repair is not done efficiently. Manual techniques might not be an easy option.

Sometimes Outlook won’t close, keeps on running in task manager. The outlook pst file might get disabled from the Registry for people who use advanced versions. Due to the corrupted file, the Outlook can crash. Microsoft office Outlook might not start that can lead to big losses!

How to fix Outlook 2007 Data File corrupted? Office Indicatives

Now, all these issues might scare you as Outlook contains huge data regarding business, contacts, tasks etc. The repair can take place, provided you are well acquainted with technical terms and their usage.

The instant solution is the SCANPST.EXE file. Other than this you can

  • Choose C:\Program Files or Files (x86). If you fail to find this file, search in other locations.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 has two versions.
  • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\.
  • 64-bit Windows: : C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\.
  • Press start to begin the scanning file process.
  • If there is any error, then click repair option to remove that totally.
  • While repairing a backup file will develop, search that and name it so that you can locate it later.
  • Continue to run a check of same files until no errors are found.
  • Once it is repaired, you will be able to use it.

Get in touch for Personalised Assistance

If you are trying to figure out How to fix Outlook 2007 Data File Corrupted on your own and are not being able to fix it, there is nothing to worry about.

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Simple ways by which Outlook help to get contacts appear in the Address Book

“You are Microsoft User, So you must be aware of the Microsoft Outlook and the various facilities you are getting from it. Right?”

The Microsoft Outlook that is installed in the computer used to handle important business matters. This may include email message for clients, and host of business matters like work, social, others, like the calendars, address book. Microsoft Outlook help to get contacts appear in the Address Book. This is also needed for data security. So it is used by the clients. It uses several tools to keep track of the contacts that you are adding. So you can see that in the Microsoft Outlook help to get contacts appear in the Address Book. This is very efficient and guides the clients through.

What is Address Book?

The Address Book is a collection of several types of the address book. You need to create this address book from a contact folder to look up names, emails and various other kinds of information. When you open the Outlook, it should have the list of all the names that you have listed.

What are the problems you face in the Address Book while appearing Contacts?

You may get an error message to appear on the screen when we are trying to join the Address Book and contact using Outlook.

You are trying to search in the Microsoft Office Outlook, but suddenly you receive the message that no results found.

  • The Outlook search you aimed for may become not reciprocating.
  • You may also be facing Logging Issue in the Microsoft Outlook.
  • You may also be facing an indexing issue
  • The virus might have caused it to dysfunction.
  • PST Files are not responding.

Causes of Problems: –

  • Corruption in the Address Book.
  • You are using an older version of the outlook that  faced to detect the corrupted Address Book.
  • File not well saved.
  • Your indexing process was not complete.
  • PST files were oversized.

Solutions for the Problem: –

  • You need to update your Outlook Version.
  • Install the Outlook Address Book Service.
  • You can also opt to run the computer in safe mode
  • Adjust the calendar permission.
  • You can scan the pst files.
  • You can also rename the ost.
  • Delete the rebuilt profile.
  • Mark your contact folder the  is using the Address Book.
  • Do specify either the Email address or the fax number that you want to appear on the Address Book
  • You can also create a new folder of all the contacts.

How does Outlook help to get contacts appear in the Address Book?

  • First, you need to open a contact in the navigation panel
  • Then we need to create contact.
  • Once you have created the contact, you should save this.
  • Then you should add the new entry and.
  • Then you will arrange them in dictionary manner.
  • The new contact that you have added will appears in the address book.
  • You can also add people from other lists, such as those who have email and fax.
  • Then you will save these contacts.
  • So, now you have added the new contacts in the Address Book.

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Email Support – You can send an email to our Microsoft Support addressing your issues. They will get back to you in minutes.

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How to Setup Gmail in Outlook?

Outlook is a free personal mail service which enables a single mailbox instead of various email accounts. You can Setup Gmail in Outlook to get rid of the troublesome process of switching accounts. With Outlook, now it is much easier to handle Gmail accounts from a client email software program. For several email account holders, using of same interface and program is truly a sigh of relief.

To access Outlook, you need to create an account via official Outlook app. The handy and easy features of Outlook have lessened the pain and time of users. Because of this single interface, accessing to multiple mailboxes has now become possible.

Efficacious Process to Setup Gmail Account in Outlook Inbox:

Outlook handles your Gmail account as a POP3 or as an IMAP account. You require configuring your Outlook as per your choice and need. It is not as knotty as you may think. Setting up of Gmail in Outlook Inbox requires few simple steps. Here, you can find the most appropriate way to get you Email accounts handled by Outlook.

Visit our Outlook Tech Support team for more genuine and reliable procedure to deal with this process.

  • First of all, you need to sign in to you Outlook account.
  • Secondly, select Settings from the navigation bar followed by clicking on Options.
  • Now click on Accounts under Mail option. And thus choose Connected Accounts.
  • Now simply choose Gmail to add your Gmail account with Outlook.
  • After selecting Gmail from the list, you need to provide your full Gmail address along with its password.
  • Now hit on OK.
  • After getting along with the whole process, select option to open Inbox.
  • Here you can find your connected email account which you access simultaneously.

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You can also select a default email address for ease:

  • Click on setting button to open Connected Accounts Page.
  • Now choose Mail under Option menu followed by selecting Accounts. And then tab on Connected Accounts.
  • After that, click on “Change your form address” and thus select the address you want as default from the drop down list.

Dial our Outlook Technical Support Phone Number for More Information:


Get in touch with Outlook Technical Support Phone Number and avail instantaneous help. We are available 24*7 to offer comprehensive customer support. Our team comprises highly experienced and expert techies ready to offer user-friendly services. We aim to deliver analyzed customer support through our remote services in minimal time possible. Hence call us now and get best professional help available in the market.

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How to Fix Outlook CAS Server Error?

This issue is generally encountered in the Outlook Email while users are accessing it because the server connection is not available that time. The message will be displayed when users are trying to open the Outlook account 2010.  Other reasons include using of credentials by CAS server which are needed to log on to the Windows instead of the credentials needed log on to the Outlook 2010 mailbox. Because the Windows credentials do not match the mailbox credentials, the CAS server error returns therefore. So, below is a proper guideline to Fix Outlook CAS Server Error  with appropriate explanation.

Steps to Troubleshoot CAS Server Error In Outlook Email

 Step 1: Configuring the proxy server settings

  • The very first step is to configure the proxy server connection settings if users is working with the Windows Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Adding the CAS server

  • Now users are requested to add the Client Access Server (CAS) servers to the proxy exceptions list in the Internet Explorer browser on a client computer.

Step 3:  Working with the key

  • Click on the Start icon and then, tap on the Run menu. The next thing would be to type the regedit command in the Open box.
  • Click on the “OK” icon next
  • Now locate and then tap on registry subkey which will be displayed as HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Security

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Step 4: Working with the DWORD (32-bit) Value

  • Next in the Edit menu, simply point to a “New” icon and then tap on the “DWORD (32-bit) Value”.
  • Users are now requested to type the “WinhttpAuth” command and then press the “ENTER” icon.
  • Now, in the Details section, just right-click on the “WinhttpAuth” icon and then hit on the “Modify” menu.
  • The next thing users need to do is to click on the “Value data” box and then type 1.
  • Click the “OK” button and exit from the registry editor

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How to Manage and Archive PST Files in Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 has been appended with huge number of useful features. One of the most important and useful features which is included in the Microsoft Outlook 2010 is .pst files. The .pst file refers to a special kind of file which is attached in the Microsoft Outlook 2010 application as defined by Outlook Customer Care Number expert team of professionals. The file is quite useful in storing all types of important documents such as Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, etc. It is further possible to make use of Personal Folders Backup option for back-up purposes of various .pst files in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Step1: Archive .pst Files

  • To proceed with the archive step of the .pst files in Microsoft Outlook 2010, one need to select ‘Archive’ icon from the File menu of application.
  • Click on the folder which needs to be archived and select an option known as ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’ option. In the “Archive items older than” section, specifying the date for the archive is necessary.
  • Specify the archive file name in ‘Archive File’ section. Browse and then select the archive location for personal information folder. Users will instantly be able to see an option for ‘Archiving’ option while the e-mails are transferred into the archive folder.

Step2: Managing .pst Files

  • The .pst file in Microsoft Outlook 2010 may be large in amount. It can further result in slow functioning of the system. One can easily see all the messages in Microsoft Outlook 2010. So, obviously you need to take good care while removing all the unwanted items from the .pst folder.
  • For this, users need to perform the installation step and run few third-party software such as PST File Splitter in Microsoft Outlook 2010. One will be able to view the software scanning the application, and other unwanted items are removed.

Step3: Enable Auto-Archive

Enable the auto-archive function in Microsoft Outlook 2010 to make the application run faster. This is required in order to remove all the old e-mails from the mail box in defined intervals. Auto-archive will usually move all the e-mails directly from the Primary Mailbox section into an Archive Data File which is then restored in system’s local hard drive.


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Top Three Updates of Outlook’s Latest Release

As per as Outlook Technical Support professionals, Outlook is defined as a web-based sample of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services released by Microsoft Corporation which is one of the world’s first webmail services. The Outlook was founded in the year 1996 which is stylized as a Outlook. Outlook Tech Support Services on the Internet comes with Four 11’s Rocket Mail features which has the ability to access a user’s inbox from anywhere in the world.

Outlook does not supports image maps/no JavaScript within email

After a thorough test conducted by a team of Outlook Technical Support Number experts, it has come into notice that the newly released Outlook no longer supports a browser feature which is used to block the on-click event via JavaScript process. Other features such as Rollovers for the alt, title, and href features remain intact but at the time of clicking on the link from within the image map, it does not have any enough function.

No support for linked images in Internet Explorer 7 & 8

A newly bug has been discovered  when linking images in IE8 where it shows that clicking on the image browser opens the link and jumps back immediately to Outlook. Here, depending on the target, it will simply jump back to the inbox or to an original message. This ensues while a user is opening an email for the first time. If this feature has re-opened the email, then it is recommended for users to click on the exact same link to open a new window.

Incompatible with certain browsers

With the latest release of Outlook, it has been found that it does not support certain browsers depending on local configuration and plug-in features. Let’s say suppose while clicking on the inbox items in Chrome 12, nothing functions at all.

Outlook help support

Fix your Outlook issues with our expert technicians:

Hotmail Customer Support technicians are ever-ready to help users resolve all their critical Outlook technical mail issues at a go. Such issues can surely be rectified by studying every minute Outlook error detail closely by applying the best method suitable for customers. We take this responsibility to solve our customers’ problems either mail or via other medium of communication.  We are engrossed with highly industry-expert tech support professionals who have noteworthy presence all across the world. Services are delivered at completely feasible rates.

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