How to Fix Duplicate Folder Errors in Outlook?

This is an unexpected error which arises when the mobile device or any other third-party server application which is in the synchronization process with the Exchange Server mailbox introduces a duplication issue. Other reasons such as Exchange Server mailbox maintenance as well as changes performed on the computer that are running Exchange Server are quite possible. Below are guidelines given to Fix Duplicate Error in Outlook.

Steps to Fix Duplicate Error in Outlook

Step 1: Exit from the Outlook and close all OWA on workstations connected to the user

Mailbox. Work with the MFCMapi to easily identify all duplicate folders. Perform steps to proceed with it:

  • Run the MFCMAPI.exe and click the ‘Tools’ Navigate to the “Options. Now, you need to enable the requested options as asked by Outlook Support Number expert team.
  • Tap the “OK” icon and go to the ‘Session’menu to click the “Logon” icon. When prompted for a profile to select, choose the profile name, and click the “OK” icon. At the top section, search for the line which will correspond to the mailbox, and double-click on it.
  • Now, expand the “Root Container” and then the Top of Information Store. To search for any duplicate folder, tap the duplicate folders which is located on the left pane.
  • Click to choose the “Valuecolumn for the PR_CREATION_TIME  Comparison is needed with the duplicate folder to the same name.

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Step 2: Copy items from the duplicate folder to your original folder where these will be the items after the duplicate folders had been created received emails in the Inbox, contacts, calendar appointments scheduled.
  • Double-click on the duplicate folder which is located in the left pane of MFCMAPI for the newer creation of date as well as time. While the windows open, simply click on the top pane to press the “CTRL + A” button and select all the required items. Tap the “Actionsmenu to navigate to the “Copy Messages”
  • Close the folder window, then double-click on the original folder, which has the older creation date and time. Click the Actionsmenu and click the Paste Messages Now, enable the MESSAGE_MOVE checkbox and press the “OK” button. Close the folder window now.
Step 3: In MFCMAPI, you need to switch back to the duplicate folder, which will appear as an

empty section while using the MFCMAPI to delete it. Now, right-click the duplicate folder to select the “Delete Folder” icon. Tap the “Hard Deletion” option to enable it and click “OK”.

Step 4: Repeat all the above steps for common Outlook folders such as contacts, deleted items, drafts, inbox, journal, junk e-mail, notes, sent items, and tasks

Step 5: Close the MFCMAPI.

Step 6: start the Outlook with the “reset folders” switch. To do this, perform below guidelines

Open the Run dialog box and use any one below mentioned procedure appropriately for your Windows version.

  • For Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8:Press the Windows “Key + R” button
  • For Windows 7 and Windows Vista:Tap the Start button and select All Programs,  Tap the “Run” icon.
  • Windows XP:Click the Windows Start button, and then click Run.
    Now, in the Run dialog box, type the exe /resetfolders and tap the “OK.

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