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How to Fix Hijacked Email Address?

Is your email address not opening?  Lost all your data from inbox? Facing problem with your account? Be aware! it can be hijacked. Hijack means someone stealing your data from your account. Or you can say someone has the access to your account. Now, how to fix hijacked Email address?

Email is an electronic mailing process. It was initiated in 1980. Through this system, we share our all important data with other persons by using the internet. It can be a document, or a datasheet, a picture anything. It is really very alarming if it got hijacked. We may lose all of our information.

So we need to know how to fix hijacked Email address as soon as possible.  But, the question is how to identify that our email account has been hijacked. There are few symptoms through which you can understand that your account has been hacked.

What are the Common Symptoms of Hijacking?

Disturbed! Frustrated? Not understanding, There might be some reason why you are facing such issue? let’s check if you have these issues or not.

  • Maybe your Username or Password is not working
  • Maybe your account has been deleted
  • Suddenly, you find your inbox as empty
  • You may see unrecognized transactions also

If you face any of the above problems, then be sure, that it is hijacked! Don’t worry about it. We will tell about some ways to fix it. So to know how to fix hijacked email address- read with me the following steps.

Accurate Solutions on How to Fix Hijacked Email Address

There are a number of methods are available to set it. It may lose you all important data. As a better option, you can always get a help from us. We have a pool of experts to do this.  Still, to set your account carries the following steps.-

  1. Get into your email account

The first step you need to take is, log in to your email account. If you are facing problem to do this.. we are always there to assist you.

2. Change your password

As you are in your email account, the very first thing you should do is change your password. Make it difficult one. In addition, a complex password.

3. Change your security question.

In this step, you need to change your security question too. Similar to the previous one, make your security question as something unique and tough one.

4. Inform all your email contacts.

To be safe, inform all your contacts that your account has been hacked. It will help them to know that your account is unsafe to send emails.

5. Commit to multifactor authentication

It is another level of a security layer. By committing to this authentication system you will get a one time code to login in your email account. Usually, the code is sent in your mobile numbers.

6. Go through your email settings

Hackers are very prone to modify your email settings. So, check your email settings, and see whether it is in a right form or not.

7. Scan your computer for Malware and viruses.

It is very important to scan your computer with an antivirus application. This will help you to make your security stronger.

8. Change all those accounts which have the same password

How to fix hijacked email address?. In addition to all these above-mentioned steps, you need to acquire this step also. One particular key is not used for every lock..right?? Just like that, you should not have all same passwords for all sites.

9. Check for spam

Some hackers kidnap your email account to attack your friends or contacts. They use your email address to send spam or blank emails to your contacts. They may want to know their personal information too.

10. Create a new email address

It is the best option to make a new email address. But, by doing this you will be not able to retrieve your old data. This new address would be your new start. But, your old information, which might be very important will lost.

If you find these steps difficult to follow, we are always there to help you.

Confused? Your help is just a call away…

Struggling to restore your hijacked email address? But, unable to find the right path! Don’t worry! You can still fix it. We are always there for you to assist you. you can contact our expert too. They are the most trustworthy technicians you can get. We are available for 24 x 7.

You can keep in touch with us anytime anywhere. We can reach in your office as well as at home. Most importantly, you can fix it in a very affordable way. We have call facility, we have mail facility as well as the live chat facility.

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