Fix Outlook Mail Error Code 0x80070002

How to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80070002?

This error code is usually a result of setting up a new account by users which signifies that the path it is trying to create the PST it is not at all accessible. One can easily verify it by a manual mode locating and then opening the path. It can also be managed while users are trying to open it with the help of Windows Explorer. To Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80070002, we have top solution discussed below.  Let us now see what are those?

Fix Outlook Error 0x80070002

Step 1:  Access the appropriate path

Go to the “Documents ->” icon and then create all new folder which should be saved as “Outlook2”. It is highly recommendable to let users know that they are easily able to create files in this folder. Now one needs to create a file so as to ensure whether it is accessible properly or if it is writable? Once done, write done the name of the full path. If it is in Documents, then it should be similar to this “C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\Outlook2”

Step 2: Access the particular folder now

Open the folder and then with the Outlook highlighted in the extreme left pane, users are suggested to right click in that empty area which is visible in the right pane. Now click the ‘New > String Value”, and assign the name “ForcePSTPath” to the string value. The next which users need to do is to right click on it, and then, click ‘Modify” icon. Just under the value data, you need to type the PST file location which you have created previously. Click the “OK” button.

Step 3: Run the Microsoft Outlook now

Now run the Microsoft Outlook and then, re-add the account carefully, it should work without issues.

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