Fix Outlook Email Error Code 0x80070002

Fix Oversized PST Files in Outlook Error

Is your Microsoft Outlook application taking too much time to respond? An oversized PST Files might be causing you the problem you are facing. Go through my article here and learn How to Fix Oversized PST File in Outlook?

What are PST Files?

A personal Storage Table (PST) is the main repository of Microsoft Outlook elements. The PST files store data for emails, contacts, calendars and other Microsoft Outlook components. There are two types of PST Files Microsoft Outlook use. One is ANSI PST and the other one is Unicode PST.

Microsoft used ANSI PST files in the earlier versions of Outlook. It has a storage limit of 2 GB. However, in the later versions, it is the Unicode PST which was used. Unicode PST comes with a larger storage limit.

Why MS Outlook PST Files Get Oversized?

The overall size of PST files has a preconfigured limit of 50 GB. When the PST file exceeds the specific storage limit, it gets oversized. And you might have to face different issues while accessing mailbox folders and email messages. You can avoid the cause generated because of the large size of PST file. What you need to do is try to reduce the size of the PST file. Make sure you delete the unused data from the cloud storage. Since the storage is limited.

What Happens When Outlook PST Files Get Oversized?

Whenever Outlook PST files get oversized, the Microsoft Outlook Application may show you following error messages…

Outlook Error 0x00040820 –

This error occurs when you try to send or receive emails via a specific email account. The error mostly appears when you try to synchronize mailboxes with an Outlook data file that crossed the standard ‘.pst file’ size limit.

Outlook Error 0x80040116 –

Here is another error which arises due to oversized PST file. You might have to face this error when you try to access certain ‘.pst file’ and you will get the error message “abcd.pst cannot be accessed 0x80040116”. The problem particularly happens due to oversized PST files that get corrupted.

Background Synchronization Errors –  

The background synchronization error also happens due to oversized PST files. The error generally takes place while syncing your Outlook Mailboxes data file and there is a mismatch between the size of the ‘.pst files’.

There might be other issues which you might have to face due to an oversized PST file. That is why it is really important for you to learn, How to fix oversized PST File in Outlook?

How to Fix Oversized PST File in Outlook?

There are different ways to fix the issues associated with the oversized ‘.pst files’. Go through the methods I have given here and fix the problem with ease.

Move PST Files items by ‘Import and Export’ Technique

Here are the steps you need to follow to move PST files items by ‘Import and Export’ method:

  • Firstly, run the Microsoft Outlook application
  • Then, go to ‘File’ and Click on ‘Account Settings’
  • Here a dialog box will appear. Now, select data files tab and click on the add button
  • Then, there a new dialog box called ‘Create or Open Outlook Data File’ appears again.
  • Name the PST file and choose a location for storage
  • Then, click the OK button and close the ‘Account Settings’ Window
  • Now, come again on the file tab and click Open and Click on Import after that
  • There you will see a Window of ‘Import and Export Wizard’. Select the Export option and then Click on the Next button
  • Select a PST File after that and click the Next button
  • Then choose the folder to export from ‘Expand the Folder’ Window and Select the items you need to export
  • Now, browse the location to store the new PST file and rename it
  • Choose one option before clicking the finish button
  • A new dialog box will appear now. You can create a password for your new PST file

Finally, you have created a PST file at your desired location. Now you can open and view it through MS Outlook without any issue.

Problem not solved yet? Go through the solution…

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Get in touch with Microsoft Support

You can easily take help from the experts to solve the problems you are facing. Microsoft Support has multiple contact channels 24/7 open at your service. Here is a clear overview of how you can get access to Microsoft Support…

Call Support: Dial the toll-free Microsoft Outlook Support Number +1-855-465-0984 and find some instant fixes for any of your issue.

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Anyway, Folks! That’s all for the moment. Now you know How to fix Oversized PST File in Outlook. So, whenever you face any problem you can solve this instantly. For further queries, you can ask here in the comment box. I’ll definitely try to help you to the best of my knowledge.