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How to Add a Signature in Microsoft Outlook?

Are you a heavy user of Microsoft Outlook and send a lot of emails daily? If yes, then it may be tiring for you to type your name again and again. Adding a signature, will surely solve your discomfort and will also save some of your precious time. Signature not only adds a personal touch to your emails but it also does a slight proportion of marketing for you. So if you are looking to create your signature in Outlook to personalize your email communication, read the following blog. Alternatively, you can consult the experts of our Outlook Support Phone Number to get a detailed assistance on this topic.

Open the Signatures and Stationary window

This window will allow you to edit and reassign signatures to your emails in Outlook. To open it click on the File menu and select Options. In the Options, select the Mail menu. In the Mail menu, scroll down to Signatures and Stationary option and click it.

Select your email account

Before you create your signature, make sure that you have selected the correct email account.

Create a new signature

Click on “New” to make a new signature. Assign a name to your new signature, which will help you to distinguish it. Since you can create multiple signatures, it is important to assign names to these signatures which will later help you in recognizing them.

Write your signature

Type your signature in the “Edit Signature” field. You can customize your signature with your choice of fonts, colors and sizes. You can also add images, virtual business cards and links to a webpage in the signature. This signature will be placed in the end of your emails.

Assign the Signature

As you have finished creating the signature, you can assign it to the new emails. In case you have created multiple signatures, you can allot different signatures for different tasks.

Insert signatures manually

If you don’t want Outlook to automatically add signature to each of your mail, you can insert it at your discretion. Whenever you have a mail open, click the Message tab and select Signature option. Select the signature you want to insert from the list of signatures available.

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In this way, you will be able to add a signature in Microsoft Outlook. For any query or issue related to Outlook contact our Outlook Customer Support Number +1-855-465-0984 .