How to Archive Outlook 2010 Manually ?

Microsoft Outlook is a great tool to effectively organize emails and schedule appointments. With long-term usage, emails get accumulated in Inbox, making it heavy and cluttered. It is important that the user should archive items regularly to free up space in Inbox and make it clutter-free. There are different ways by which you can archive Outlook; one of them is manually archiving emails and items. Read further to learn an easy way to archive Outlook 2010 Manually. You can also choose to consult the Hotmail Technical Support team to get step-by-step guidance on this regard.

How to Archive Outlook 2010 Manually

Open Microsoft Outlook 2010

Locate the Microsoft Outlook icon on the desktop and double-click on it to open the program.

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Locate Archive options

Click on the File option on the toolbar. There will be list of options, select “Cleanup Tools” from the list. In the “Cleanup Tools” list, choose “Archive” option.

Select the choice of folders for Archive

You can either choose to archive all folders or you can select specific folder and the subfolders in it to archive.

Choose the folder you would like to save and Archive

In the browser window, you can either choose to archive one folder at a time, or you can select the entire mailbox to archive.

Choose a date for Archive

Select a date for archive. All the items including emails, calendar appointments and documents before this date will be archived. You can also override any item that was previously marked “Do Not Archive” by checking the box.

Select the location of your archive file

Automatically your archived files will be saved in an Archive folder named as “Outlook Files”. You can also choose any location in your computer to save the archived file.

Select “OK” to archive the items

Once you are finished with the settings, click on “OK” to archive your items. It is advisable that you should frequently archive your Outlook files. Also frequently backup your archived Outlook folders.

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In this way, you will be able to archive Outlook 2010 manually. For any query or issue regarding your Outlook account, contact Hotmail Customer Support Number +1-855-465-0984 .