Attach a Word Document to an Outlook Email

How to Attach a Word Document to an Outlook Email?

Microsoft Outlook is a wonderful application which not only allows you to organize your office work and emails at one place, but it also let you perform many other functions. With Outlook you can send many items including Word document, images and others in form of attachment. Sending an attachment is a useful feature as many times, you require sending a document along with your email. Read the following to learn Attach a Word Document to an Outlook Email by Outlook Help service


  • Open Outlook by double-clicking Microsoft Icon on your desktop or by Start-up Menu. In case your Outlook account is all set up, it would load inbox after launching.
  • Now in the File menu of the application, go to the “New” option and then select “Mail Message”.
  • Once you have opened a new mail, you will need to add the recipients, the content and the subject of the mail. In the “To” area, insert the main recipients whom you want to address the email and in the “Cc” or “Bcc” area, you can add the additional recipients.
  • Write subject of the mail in the “Subject” area. In the large text box under “Subject”, you have the space to compose your message to the sender.
  • After composing the message, locate “Attach File” option in the “Include group”. Click on “File” option, which will open the file browser from where you can navigate to the Word document you desire to attach with the email. Once you have located the Word document, click on “Insert” option in the file browser.
  • Once you click “Insert”, the Word file will be uploaded and attached to your email. The attached file will be displayed on the new field just below the Subject line.
  • Before sending the email, review the entire mail by checking the recipients, message and the attached file to see if everything is in order.
  • Once you have reviewed your email, click on the “Send” option to send the email.

In this way, you can insert a Word file into your Outlook email. In case if you face any issue regarding your Outlook account you can contact our Outlook Support Phone Number +1-855-465-0984 experts.