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How to Fix MS Outlook Error Code 17997?

The Outlook has become the first preference of many users for their email regarding works, as it caters distinct excellent features to the users. Well, for offline accessing mail through Outlook on Mac, the users require to connect it to Exchange Server. However, when users try to send a mail with the assist of the Exchange server in Outlook, they encountered an error message that appears to your Outbox and says that MS Outlook Error Code 17997. This error is very frustrating. After the happening of this error, the getting sends don’t influence, however the sending gets stopped.

Steps to Fix Outlook Error 17997:-

Here are a few solutions to quickly eradicate this error code; as the users need to follow these instructions.

Step1:Check the Default Port

  • First, users need to change the name of the server to the URL to access OWA by their Browser.
  • Then go to “Outlook 2011 Settings”, and then ensure by checking on the default port and change the Port to 442.

Step2:- Rebuilding the Server Virtual Directory on Exchange Server

The users should try to upgrade the “Exchange Management” console to SP3 and after then rebuild virtual directories.

Rebuilding Virtual Directories, the users can easily reset the virtual directory on Exchange Serve, as well as the virtual directory, that is selected, will be removed and a new virtual directory will be created by the default settings.

Follow these steps to reset virtual directory:-

Reset Client Access Server Virtual Directory:

  1. Before starting the process of reset Client Access virtual directories, the users require to be assigned permissions, the procedure includes:
  • The need to open the Exchange Management Console
  • Tap on “Server Configuration” and then hot on “Client Access”
  • Choose the “Server Client Access name” and then right click on it.
  1. B) In the Reset Access Virtual Directory, browse to choose the “virtual directory name” that users wish to reset and then hit on “Next” button. The following virtual directories will be listed by defaults.

Autodiscover (Default Web Site)

EWS (Default Web Site)

ECP (Default Web Site)

Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (Default Web Site)

OWA (Default Web Site)

OAB (Default Web Site)

  1. C) Then it’s added to the list “Virtual directory” to be reset. Hit on “Next” button.
  2. D) Press on Browse to determine the path and file name for the log file and then tap on “Next” button.

Note:-individuals can use the same settings to rebuild virtual directory. By default, all the log files will copy to document folder of Client Access Server.

  1. E) Choose the reset button, in the “reset client access virtual directory” and then tap on “Finish”.
  2. F) Now Reset the IIS (Internet Information Services) by running the following command, such as iireset/noforce on the command prompt.

If your problem Outlook Error 17997, is not fixed through follow the  above-given steps, then you may require to create a new identity, and yet not solved then should require to create a new identity the second time. So, ensure that all mail synced, and then export .olm file, create a new identity as the default and then import the .olm File.

Hope, all the steps will help to resolve an error.  


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