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How To Fix Outlook 8 bit Error Code?

This is a kind of issues which occurs when the Outlook email account cannot at all connect to its proxy server. It usually occurs  while downloading, installing, opening (launching), updating, closing,sending, receiving, copying, pasting function which users are trying to perform. The error is highly common with the Outlook Versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 365 and a wide number of editions such as Professional Plus, Professional, Standard, Home and Student, Home and Business, Academic, Students and Teachers. Outlook is generally a mail client which assist users to pull up the emails from a web due to multiple email services. Let’s move ahead with all the instructions in the below section to Fix Outlook 8 Bit Error Code with detailed explanation of each step.

Steps to Troubleshoot the Outlook 8 Bit Error Code

Step 1: Reset Internet Explorer Settings

  • Hold and press the Win key as well as the letter ‘R’ together.
  • Now a dialogue box will appear in front of you and you have to click on that to enter the command “inetcpl.cpl” without quotes. Press the enter button now
  • click on the “Delete” button and then, select everything which is located in the Internet Options pop up section
  • Clear off all the junk settings and then, navigate to the security tab.
  • Move up the slider little bit
  • After that, tap on the “Reset all zones to default level” icon
  • Now, navigate to the “Advanced” tab and then tap on the ‘Reset’ button.
    Check for the option “Delete personal settings” and click on the “Reset button”.
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Step 2: Delete all temporary system files

  • Follow the first two points in the step 1.
  • In the folder section, simply delete all the junk files and if you find a prompt to skip files then, do check for the option not to show the dialog always and click on “Yes” button
  • You will find that all the temporary files in the Windows system are cleared off

Step 3: Delete user’s temporary files.

  • Hold the Windows key as well as the alphabet ‘R’ together.
  • Now the next is that you will find a folder option, delete all the possible files.
  • You are advised to delete all temporary files of the user
  • At last, make use of the disk cleanup command to clear all the available junk files.


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