How to Fix Roadrunner Email Error 530?

The roadrunner email error 530 is often caused while users are trying to send an email to any email address whose domain is not registered by the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Well, the below blog will describe fix roadrunner email error 530 with appropriate solutions. Before proceeding further, let me introduce little bit about SMTP server.  It’s a process to deliver an email from an email client. The error may come into existence while working with e-mail by prohibiting users from sending emails smoothly.

Steps to fix Roadrunner email error 530

Step1: Working with the “tools” section

  • Click on the “Tools” menu which is located at the top of the window screen and then hit on” “Accounts” icon.

Step2: Mail tab

  • Hit on the “Mail” tab which will appear on the resulting “Internet Accounts Window” section and then select the “Donhost e-mail account” button

Step3: Properties icon

  • Tap on the “Properties” button to open the Properties dialogue box for the purpose of accessing your e-mail account. Move on to next step to remove the roadrunner email error 530.

Step4:  Accessing the “My Server requires authentication”

  • You will come across an option which will appear as “Outgoing Mail Server” heading and then navigate to check the “My Server requires authentication” box
  • Hit on “OK” button next

Conclusions to be taken into focus

  • Using of “Web-based email services” in the meantime to easily send as well as receive mails is an essential task.
  • The second point to be considered is to work with different email client such as Mozilla, Thunderbird to check for any existing issues further

So, now you are finally done with resolving issues of roadrunner email error 530 that have been fully described with appropriate steps


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