How to Integrate Twitter with Outlook?

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging website that let the users share their opinion to the world. Now Microsoft Outlook let its users to integrate their twitter accounts to Outlook with the help of add-on called TwInbox. Integrating Twitter with the Outlook not only give user the facility to view and manage their Twitter account from Outlook but it also saves time avoiding the frequent toggle between screens or web session. Read further to learn how to integrate Twitter with Outlook. You can also consult our Outlook Tech Support Number experts to get a step-by-step guidance on this topic.

Close Microsoft Outlook before installing TwInbox

Before you download and install TwInbox Microsoft Outlook must be closed on your computer.

Download and Install TwInbox

Visit the Microsoft Office website. Locate the TwInbox download landing page on Tech Hit. Under the description of TwInbox, there is a Download button, click on it. This will download and install Twlnbox add-on on your computer.

Open Microsoft Outlook

After installing TwInbox open Microsoft Outlook, you will see a new toolbar with several Twitter options.

Open TwInbox

Click on the drop-down menu of TwInbox and select “Options” in the list of options. This will let you configure and set up Twitter account to use in the Outlook. When the “Welcome to TwInbox” message will appear, click on Next.

Sign in to Twitter

In the next window, enter your Twitter username and password to sign in to Twitter.

Authorize TwInbox to use your account

Click on “Authorize App” and press “Next”.This will authorize TwInbox to access your Twitter account and integrate your Twitter account successfully with Outlook.

Select a Folder to store your Tweets

Click on “Select Folder” to choose a folder where Tweets will be saved in Outlook. Click on “Finish” once you have designated the folder for saving Tweets.

Use the TwInbox to manage your Twitter account

You can use TwInbox toolbar to send Tweets and handle your Twitter account.

In this way you will be able to integrate Twitter with Outlook. For any issue regarding Microsoft Outlook, contact our Outlook Technical Support Phone Number .