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How to Manage and Archive PST Files in Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 has been appended with huge number of useful features. One of the most important and useful features which is included in the Microsoft Outlook 2010 is .pst files. The .pst file refers to a special kind of file which is attached in the Microsoft Outlook 2010 application as defined by Outlook Customer Care Number expert team of professionals. The file is quite useful in storing all types of important documents such as Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, etc. It is further possible to make use of Personal Folders Backup option for back-up purposes of various .pst files in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Step1: Archive .pst Files

  • To proceed with the archive step of the .pst files in Microsoft Outlook 2010, one need to select ‘Archive’ icon from the File menu of application.
  • Click on the folder which needs to be archived and select an option known as ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’ option. In the “Archive items older than” section, specifying the date for the archive is necessary.
  • Specify the archive file name in ‘Archive File’ section. Browse and then select the archive location for personal information folder. Users will instantly be able to see an option for ‘Archiving’ option while the e-mails are transferred into the archive folder.

Step2: Managing .pst Files

  • The .pst file in Microsoft Outlook 2010 may be large in amount. It can further result in slow functioning of the system. One can easily see all the messages in Microsoft Outlook 2010. So, obviously you need to take good care while removing all the unwanted items from the .pst folder.
  • For this, users need to perform the installation step and run few third-party software such as PST File Splitter in Microsoft Outlook 2010. One will be able to view the software scanning the application, and other unwanted items are removed.

Step3: Enable Auto-Archive

Enable the auto-archive function in Microsoft Outlook 2010 to make the application run faster. This is required in order to remove all the old e-mails from the mail box in defined intervals. Auto-archive will usually move all the e-mails directly from the Primary Mailbox section into an Archive Data File which is then restored in system’s local hard drive.


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