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How to Move Outlook Mails into Your Personal Folder?

Your Microsoft outlook can store multiple type mails in your inbox and you can manage your email, contacts, tasks and calendar and other features but is it sensible to keep all stuffs in one basket. That’s why it is very important to keep your mails into other folder as per your choice. And saving messages and other data of your outlook mail is quite easier for every user.

You can save multiple messages at the same time by selecting them together or Ctrl+A to save them all, and move them into a new folder. To move entire folder into your hard disk click Import and Export under File menu and click next and browse the location you want to save mail data. If you are facing to carry out this process, Outlook Technical Support available to help you.

How to Move Outlook Mails into Your Personal Folder

Archive to Back up your Outlook 

If you want to protect your mail, contact, tasks and calendar records with outlook you can achieve it. The best part of archiving is that, you can backup everything in a single action. Achieve your outlook data by selecting a personal folder and current in the achieve box. And all the data will be stored in your C drive which is impossible to access by only guessing.

Automatic Achieve of Outlook

If you not able to achieve your outlook data, you don’t need to worry about that, outlook will do for you. Just right-click the folder and go under properties to select Auto Achieve. If you choose achieve items under this folder by selecting default setting, click default achieve settings and choose your preferred options. Outlook  Customer Support Service is also available to tell you another way of auto-archiving this folder using this setting as per your choice.    

How to Retrieve Archive Data?


If you cannot achieve your data, then it’s worthless, and retrieving the archived data of outlook is not so much easy. Select file menu and click import and export option to open import from another program or file. Now open personal folder file and click on next to browse and select your achieve file but avoid to click on import duplicates and select next to finish the process. Archiving of your mail records will keep safe all your outlook data with archive facility.