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How to Recall Your Sent Messages in Outlook Express?

Outlook mail service used by mainly business professionals but sometime sending the embarrassing messages can be dangerous for anyone. But outlook 2013 has now inbuilt feature that allows to retrieve all the sent messages from your inbox. Below you can see the simple steps to clean up your sent messages from your outlook mail or recall them for future references.

Step1: Open your outlook mail and go to sent messages folder where you can see all your sent mails. This folder contains mail that has been successfully sent, failed mails stored in outbox.

Step2: Now double click the messages you want to recall that will open into a new window with more menu options in separate band on the top of your screen.

Step3: Now drop down the action button in the move section at the top center of your window screen. This option will help you to fix recall sent messages issues with best solution.

Step4: When you open this option you have to “click recall this massage” option which will show you another smaller window with the option to keep or delete the unread copies of messages.

Step5: Now select the option of “unread copies of this message” and outlook will also advise you if anyone of your recipients have already read this message. You will not be able to recall this message again, hence make sure which option you choose correctly. However, if you want to add attachments then choose the second option that will show you a new window.

Step6: Press ok tab and wait for outlook to confirm you that the recall process has been successful. However, if you had not unchecked the notification option, then you must get a message from outlook informing you about the status of your recall process.


When the recall process gets completed all the messages will disappear from your recipient’s inbox folder. And if this process not completed, you will get the notification of the same. In that situation you should take help of Hotmail Technical Support Number service to get online assistance through certified professionals who will carry out whole process successfully via remote access.