How To Reset Hotmail Password ? 5 Easy Steps !

Hotmail password reset tool is used to reset forgotten password or if you are blocked by Microsoft for unauthorized access to email account. To reset the password you need a phone number, alternative email “which you have given at the time of registration” and you need to answer few security questions to verify the account details. Below step will guide you on How to Reset Hotmail Password?

Reset Hotmail Password

  • Since Hotmail is transited to, thereby visit and go the sign in page. “Make a note that if you are trying to retrieve old account which is not operated since 1 year, the account will automatically deleted by outlook.
  • Below username and password area, click on the links “cant access your account”
  • Select the option “ I forgot my password”
  • Enter the Hotmail address in the Microsoft account field, fill the captcha and click on the next.
  • Chose a verification type to get access to password reset page, you need to verify your identity and select verification method out of below-

Email- At the time of inception if you have updated recovery email address to your account in Hotmail. The verification code is being sent to this address.

By Application- In case you have downloaded the MSN application, you can generate unique code after verifying the identity. But application has previously set up before you have access to it.

SMS- You can either chose a mobile number that you wanted to verify your indentify to verify your identity. But you must have a phone number attached to your account, before you go ahead.


But what if you have missed all information, you do not have any recovery information attached with your account. You have to answer random questions from Microsoft to verify your identity. However, this method does not work always. If you remember the correct details of your account. You can access to your account. To know more details about, and know more about, Hotmail Technical Support Number.