How To Solve The Outlook Won’t Open Issue

Outlook Won’t Open Issue

The Outlook is a very useful application. Like other e-mail providers, Outlook acts as a manager of all types of personal information that is present in your Microsoft account. Not only e-mails, but Outlook also contains calendar, various types of task managers, contact managers, notepad, and the facility to browse the web. Thus, we can say that it is an all-in-one package or as a stand-alone application where you can do many tasks together with both Microsoft Exchange Server as well as the Microsoft Sharepoint server. 

Though it is a very popular and well-known part of the Microsoft Office Suite, sometimes you might also see that the Outlook won’t open. This becomes more frustrating when you are in the middle of something important. If you are also facing this issue and are not able to resolve this problem yet, then here you will find an accurate solution

But before directly going into the solutions, let us check the different reasons because of which this issue might occur in your Outlook application.

Reasons Why Outlook Won’t Open?

Whenever you see “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window” error message while opening the Outlook application, it might be due to the following causes:

  • Issues In the Navigation Pane
  • Fault in the Add-ins
  • Repair of the Outlook profile

The Outlook will not open if any of these problems persist. Sometimes, the error message comes with an error code, with the help of which you can easily identify the error. So, first of all, you have to detect the error properly and then try accurate solutions for the issue. There are multiple solutions by which you can solve the Outlook not open issue. The solutions that are given below are applicable to all variations of systems. Follow them accordingly and make sure not to jump any of the steps.

Reliable Methods to Overcome the Outlook Won’t Open Issue:

The different methods for solving this issue in your Microsoft Outlook applications are given below. These are quite easy to apply solutions. Just make sure that you follow each and every step and implement them accordingly.

Method 1: Use the outlook.exe/resetnavpane Command to Reset the Navigation Pane

Generally, on the left side of the Outlook application windows, you will find the Navigation pane. Inside the Navigation pane, you will find a list of folders named “Email”, “Calendar”, “Contacts”, “Tasks” and lastly “Notes”. You can adjust them accordingly as you will prefer them. These sometimes cause serious errors like Outlook won’t open. The steps to solve this issue is provided below:-

  • Open the “Run” dialog box on your system by pressing the Windows Key and the R button together on your device keyboard.
  • Simply copy the command given below into the field to enter text and hit the Enter button. 

       outlook.exe /resetnavpane

  • This will reset all the Navigation pane in the Microsoft Outlook application. After completing the two steps, try to open and run Outlook. If still the issue occurs, try out the next solution.

Method 2: Check for Different Kinds of Add-ins

As the error is still present after trying the first solution, then try this solution to check for different kinds of add-ins present in the Outlook application. Defective or old add-ins present inside the Outlook application might prevent it from starting. You can solve this problem in a safe mode.

Steps to check for different kinds of Add-ins are given below accordingly.

  • Press the Windows Key and the R button together on your device keyboard and open the Run dialog box.
  • Enter the outlook.exe/safe command and hit the Enter button. Sometimes a dialog box will appear where you can choose the standard settings and click on Ok
  • Now, the Outlook application will start in safe mode without different add-ins.
  • When the Outlook application starts in safe mode, click on “File” present at the left side of the Outlook window. Then click on the “Options” tab.
  • Choose “Add-Ins” from the left-hand side and then click on the “Go” option. From there, “Deactivate all add-ins”.
  • Stop the Safe mode and then try starting the Outlook application in normal mode.
  • Now, when you successfully start the Outlook application in normal mode, check for the defective add-ins and eliminate it. To do so, deactivate each and every add-in and then try to start the Outlook application. 
  • Again, when you face the issue while starting the Outlook application normally, you will understand which of the add-ins was causing this issue.    
  • Thus, now you need to specifically disable those add-ins because of which Outlook won’t open

If still, you face the same issue, then opt for the next solution.

Method 3: Repair the Faulty Profiles in Outlook 

Many times because of faults in the “personal folders file”(.pst file), the Outlook fails to open. Check out the solutions for this in the section given below:

  • Go to the Control Panel of your device. You will find it in the Windows menu.
  • On the Control Panel tab, select “Mail”.
  • Now, click on the following options as given “Mail Setup -Outlook”> “Show Profiles”> “Add”
  • Create a new profile by following the different instructions and then click on “Finish”
  • Choose “Prompt for a profile to be used” under the “When starting Microsoft outlook” and press Ok.
  • Try starting an Outlook application.

These are the most necessary and effective steps to solve the Outlook won’t open issue. So, you can implement them one by one to solve the issue permanently.