How to Successfully Unblock Your Hotmail Account?

How to Successfully Unblock Your Hotmail Account?

If your Hotmail account has been blocked, how will you check mails sent on your Hotmail id? No worry, there are many ways to unblock Hotmail account, as there could be various reasons of account block like wrong password use or other suspicious activities into your account. To unblock you can call Hotmail support expert or try the some of the leading process given below.

Reset Your Hotmail Account Password

If your account is blocked due to wrong password, then request to generate new password but make sure to give right answer of the security question to confirm your authentication. And if you don’t have remembered it would be difficult and you have to follow another process.

Send Request to Generate New Password

You can also send request to generate new password to be sent on mobile or alternate email id. But make sure you have registered and verified your other mail id and mobile number. If you have given a working mail id, you can request to generate new password to be sent on your alternate mail id. And use this new password to successfully login into your Hotmail account.

Check Online for Diverse Troubleshooting Process  

Before you take a technical help, you can try for troubleshooting process perhaps available on various tech support websites. As there is higher chances of other issues blocked your Hotmail account. First you can try to access your account using other computer system, or check the username properly before typing your details while login into your Hotmail account. Search different troubleshooting process for Hotmail services and apply few of them for yourself.

Call to Hotmail Technical Support Number

When you are not able to login into your Hotmail account even after trying the above suggested attempts, you need Hotmail customer support assistance by professional to deal with such matters. However, to get an online assistance by Hotmail technicians you have to confirm your personal identification that will help them to verify your identify and unlock your Hotmail account.


Unblocking a mail account could be annoying, and it could be happen due to various causes.  Therefore you should always remember your account password and answer of secret question to recover or reset your password. And while creating your mail account you should also verify your mobile number and alternate mail id to recover or unblock your Hotmail account. Otherwise it would be impossible to access your Hotmail account and check your important mails anyway.