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How to Synchronize Outlook Data with Yahoo?

MS Outlook permits you to merge the calendar appointments, messages, email addresses and other data in a one application. Then, you can take decision that how to use the shared data in your professional and personal lives.Synchronize Outlook Data with Yahoo or data such as email addresses or calendar events. If you need help for sync Outlook data with Yahoo, then contact Outlook Tech Support team.

Synchronize Outlook Data with Yahoo

Method 1: Sync Distinct Data

  • Exit the MS Outlook application.
  • Login into your Yahoo email account.
  • Visit www. and download Yahoo Sync application.
  • Launch the Yahoo Sync tool when you install this application. Choose your synchronization favorites. Click at circle to choose your favorite.
  • You can select to sync in two directions, from Outlook to Yahoo and Yahoo to Outlook, or you can select to sync in one direction.
  • Also decide if you wish to sync manually or after every 30 minutes. If this is a first time sync of the data, then select the manual alternative. Click on the “Next” button.
  • Input your Yahoo email user-id and password.
  • Then click at “Finish” button. The Yahoo Sync tool will finish the synchronization. Launch either account to deploy shared data.

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Method 2: Sync Mail Accounts

  • Install Microsoft Outlook in your PC.
  • Login in your Yahoo mail account.
  • Also ensure that Point of Presence or POP number is activated in your mail account. Visit “Mail Options” in your Yahoo Email account. Search for a button that will able your POP number to access.
  • Launch MS Outlook on your computer.
  • Then Click “Tools” on the top toolbar. After that you need to scroll down into “Account Settings” alternative in the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “New” in the menu alternatives.
  • Input your name, yahoo email user-id, and password. Push the “Next” button when you fill all the details.
  • Now click at the “Finish” button. This will synchronize your data and authorize you to access your Yahoo email account in MS Outlook. Hotmail Technical Support Number is available to solve all of your technical issues.