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How to Troubleshoot Outlook Express Mail Sending Issues?

If your outlook not able to send the mails, it means there is some issue that should be diagnosed technically before your outbox packed with unsent mails. The problem could be anything from wrong configuration to internet connection settings. Below you can find how to troubleshoot the outlook express mail sending problems.

Check Outgoing Mail Server

The outgoing mail server (SMTP) should be configured correctly on the server tab. Verify and authenticate with secured connection that is encrypted with secured codes. You can also take Hotmail Support to check the settings by experts.

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Make Sure the Size of Mail not too large

Outlook express can support up to 2GB size of mail to deliver successfully. Hence, if you are sending more than recommended size mail, either compress into a zip folder or send them in parts. Usually heavy sizes mails also take time to go from outbox.

Check Proper Connection Port

The port mainly used for SMTP connection is 25, and wrong port is one of the most common reasons for failed sending of email. Sometime internet service providers block this port or recommend other port like 2525 for SMTP email connection. To check the port related issues contact Hotmail Support Number for quick online help.

Renaming of Corrupted Outbox.dbx File

Another alternative to solve mail sending problem is, you can open outlook store folder and rename the outbox.dbx file to outbox.old. But you cannot access your older messages and when you successfully send your mail, you can rename again outbox.old file. However, it is temporary solution and you should find the actual problem.

In Spite of all the above efforts, if you not able to send mail through outlook, the last resort is call to Outlook Customer Support Number +1-855-465-0984  and get remote accesses troubleshooting session with the help of tech professionals. Outlook mail sending is one of the common issues but can be easily solved through right troubleshooting process.