Easy Hacks to Resolve Outlook Error Code 0x80070002

Error Code 0x80070002 is usually a result of setting up a new account by users. It signifies the path that is trying to create the PST is not at all accessible. You can quickly check it by manual mode locating and opening the track. Moreover, you can also manage it with the help of Windows Explorer.

There are a lot of technical glitches that can hamper your productivity while working with the Outlook account. Moreover, these routine defects inevitably disturb and irritates a user anytime. Additionally, to fix Outlook Error Code 0x80070002, some of the accurate solutions are discussed below.

Outlook Error Code 0x80070002

Probable Issues For Which Error Code 0x80070002 Occurs

Here are some of the relating issues which you may result into error code 0x80070002. It is better to avail a brief knowledge of the problem and then go for the solutions.

  • The default security provider of the Windows has changed.
  • Specific essential files cannot update.
  • Modification of the drive letter.
  • During updating software, the computer does not transmit all files.

You must find and relate your issues with the ones listed above and then proceed with the solutions. You must identify your issues and then continue with the solutions.

Steps to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80070002

Measure 1: Ensure that you access the appropriate path

While accessing Outlook, go to the documents and create all new folders. Ensure whether it is accessible or writable properly. Once you finish the work, give the name of the full path. If the file is saved in the document be sure that it is similar to “C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\Outlook 2”.

Measure 2: Now Access the distinct folder

First and foremostly, open the folder in the left pane of the Outlook. Now you will get a notification that will suggest you to right click in the empty area that is in the right pane. To the string value, click and open the ‘New > String Value’ and assign the name “ForcePSTPath.” By having a right-click on it, click the icon with the name “Modify.” You need to type the PST file location just under the value data and click on the OK button.

Measure 3: Save all the Changes and Run the Microsoft Outlook

Before running, check whether you have set the changes correctly and after that move by running the Microsoft Outlook. Now carefully re-add the account and find whether it is working without any issue.

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