How to Fix Outlook Error Code 0X8007000d?

Many a time, when users perform the process of installing, updating and doing tasks like sending and receiving emails, they often encounter Outlook Error 0x8007000d. This error is an indication that Outlook is not working properly and it throws in this error message while the user performs several tasks.

This content will explain every possible way to troubleshoot this issue. Users usually encounter this error message “An unspecified error has occurred, your request for cannot be taken any further at this moment.” Don’t worry, our experts will resolve all your worries without delay.

Outlook Error 0x8007000d

Symptoms of Outlook Error 0x8007000d

As per Outlook experts, this error may take place in various versions of the Outlook such as 2007, 2010, 2013, 365 and 2016. This is a common error which is normally found in the Windows 10. However, it can also appear in the other versions of Windows as well.

Some of the common symptoms of this error are:

  • The inability of the system to download new updates.
  • Outlook not working properly. Time to time freezing and crashing down.
  • The system not able to run the update tools after the installation.

Usual Causes of the Error 0x8007000d

Although there can be multiple reasons behind this error, yet there are some common issues due to which the error occurs frequently. They are as follows:

    • Proxy Issue: Problems in the proxy usually leads to this problem in the Outlook.
  • Conflict in the Apps: Improper working of the Outlook application can itself result in the problem taking place. Important Outlook files getting damaged by virus or malicious files can result in the conflict in the apps.
  • Corrupt Outlook Data File: Incorrect downloading or corrupt installation of the Outlook app can easily lead to the occurrence of this error.

Fortunately, there are few troubleshooting methods available which you can implement in your system which may help in resolving this issue.

How to fix Outlook Error Code 0x8007000d


  • Hold the Windows and R button together. The Run box will open up. In the dialogue box type “Firewall.cpl” and click on the “OK” button.
  • After this, hover your mouse and click on the “Turn Windows Firewall ON/Off” icon.
  • Next, in the Private settings section, select the “Turn off Windows Firewall.” Do the same for Public Settings as well.
  • Finally, Press the “OK” button.

Make sure you must turn the Windows Firewall on once this method is over. Turning off the Windows Firewall is not recommended by the Outlook experts as this puts your PC in danger of being attacked by virus and malware.


  • First, press the Windows + R to open up the Run Dialogue box.
  • Next, in the box that appears type in “Outlook/Safe” and click on “OK”.

This step will open up the Outlook in safe mode and you will no longer encounter the Outlook error 0x8007000d again.

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At times, this 0x8007000d error will be fixed by availing our expert guidance. However, if you notice that the error still persists, it means that there are underlying issues in the system which are more serious and it requires urgent servicing from the experts.

Call us at our Outlook Support Number and forward your queries any time. Our professionals are equipped with the proper knowledge to get back to you with exact methods to fix the problem in an efficient manner.

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