How To Resolve Outlook Not Sending Emails Issues?

Here you will learn how to troubleshoot Microsoft email client when Outlook not Sending Emails. Whether the issue is with the version ranging from Outlook 2002, 20003 or 2007, the solutions for any of those versions are the same. However, there are certain measures which you need to ensure before beginning with the resolutions.

Hence, help yourself with the necessary workarounds given in the following segment to fix the mentioned issue.

Outlook Not Sending Emails Issues

Measures You Must Take Before Troubleshooting

First of all, you should determine whether your Windows device is supporting an active internet connection or not. However, if the network strength on your device is strong and you are still unable to deliver emails, then here is what to do instead:

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

When Outlook not sending emails even after ensuring a good database connectivity, then it is better to contact your ISP. When you are done rectifying the internet issue, try to send a random email to any of the recipients. Then check if this helped in removing the mail sending issue via the Outlook mail client or not.

If you fail to get any effective result out of it, then move on to the next segment for more information.

Steps To Follow When Outlook Not Sending Emails

These are some of the effective steps that we have mentioned to settle down the Outlook error rapidly. Therefore, go through the steps one by one and check if the solution works.

Step 1: Go To Mail Setup Window

Click Start, then find the Run option under it. A dialog will appear within which you have to type “Control”, then click Ok. Depending upon the Windows version of your PC, follow any one of the instructions given below:

  • If you are a Windows XP user, then you will get the Category view after executing the above step. From there, click on User Accounts and further click on the Mail option. If you don’t get the Category view, then double-click on the Mail option.
  • In case you are a Windows Vista User, click on User Accounts and click further on the Mail option. Doing this will open up a dialog box of Mail Setup.

Step 2: Initiate New Mail Profile Wizard

After completing the above step, start the  New Profile Wizard by clicking on Add from the Show Profiles section.

Step 3: Create The Mail Profile

  • Go to Profile Name box and enter “Test” in it. Then click OK to confirm the name of your new email profile. Next, select and click on the check-box of Manually configure setup for the server. Go to the page of Select Services and click on the option of Internet Email. Then click Next and fill the boxes from the dialog box of Internet Email Setup.
  • Secondly, ensure that the Account Type option is set to POP3. It is important to note that you must type the ISP information or email admin details in the dialog box of “Outgoing mail server” (SMTP). Now click on the Next option to follow the pop-ups and complete the account settings. Then end the process by clicking Finish. Your mail profile is now created successfully.

Well, these are some of the foremost suggestions that you can try out when Outlook not sending emails. For further assistance in this regard, contact us shortly.

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