How to Fix Outlook Proxy Server’s Security Certificate Error?

Outlook is the most comprehensively used email clients. Working with Outlook is not so easy if you are not tech-savvy. Sometimes users encounter issues while working on Outlook that leads to severe error. Most of the users reported queries like “there is a problem with the
Outlook Proxy Server’s Security Certificate Error
. Subsequently, we provide practical strategies to answer all your queries and resolve your issues. In this article, we will provide you with some easy steps to resolve the proxy server issues with ease.

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Outlook Proxy Server’s Security Certificate

There Is A Problem with the Proxy Server’s Security certificate: The Reasons

There may be several reasons behind the appearance of the ‘there is a problem with the proxy server’s security certificate’ error. Here we have collected some of the common reason that is responsible for this error. Have a look and check whether you are facing any of the given situations.

  • The server is asking for a Certification Authority(CA) for the connection
  • The Certification Authority is not valid or has not been trusted at the root
  • The possibility of an invalid certificate
  • Your name of the website is not as given on the certificate to which the connection is being made
  • Any third-party or various add-ins is blocking the access

Efficient Steps To Fix Proxy Server Security Certificate Error Outlook

We have provided here well-ordered steps to troubleshoot the proxy server issue. Follow the steps and try to resolve the issue on your own.

Step 1- Analysing the Certificate

In the beginning, you need to check the certificate thoroughly. Check two things on the certificate. First, the certificate should not be expired and second, the information given in the certificate should match with your website name. Follow the steps and the certificate.

Type in the address bar and then just tap on the Enter key and connect with RPC server as well. Afterward, double-click the padlock icon in the lower-right corner of the browser. Now, check for the Certificate validation date and the subject in the dialogue box. If the server certificate has expired, contact us.

Step 2 – Installation Of Genuine Root Certificate

Click on the Install Certificate in the dialogue box. Then check the store and locate all the certificate. You have to select Browse and then select the Trusted Root Certification authorities option and tap on the Ok button. Continue by clicking on the Next button and at last close the process.

Step 3 – Turn Off Third-Party Browser & Add-in

The error can likewise be expelled, by turning off the third party browser and extra add-ins. And, tap on Start and then select Run. Type home/sheltered in the box and after that select Ok. This will begin Outlook in protected mode.

If Outlook begins in Safe mode, without a doubt the issue is caused by third-party add-ins and the main solution is to turn them off.

To disable the third party add-in, you need to follow the below steps-

Open Outlook and select the File. Afterward, tap the Options and select Add-Ins choice from the left-side menu. Now, in the Add-Ins, select and remove the include that you want to incapacitate. After that exit and after that restart Outlook.

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