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Recover delete a .pst file from Microsoft Outlook – Easy Steps

Keeping unnecessary data may damage or slow down your system. It is also mandatory to keep your important data safe. What will happen if you lose your important data or if your system slows down? Do you want to recover/delete .pst files from your outlook profile? Learn How to recover delete a .pst file from a profile?

All about .pst file in Microsoft Outlook?

PST stands for Personal Storage. Basically a personal storage file in the Microsoft Outlook used for locating in the disk drive, or mailbox located on the server. It stores the data for email, calendar, contacts etc.

Earlier used ANSI PST file with 2GB storage limit. However, the earlier versions used Unicode PST with more storage limit as compared to the previous.

Why should we learn How to recover delete a .pst file from a profile?

Sometimes accidentally the data gets deleted from your profile. The reason behind this either maybe you or your system. You may encounter big trouble for this. You may think of recovering the data, and maybe you have tried it too. But since you are unable to get it back, we know how disturbing that can be.

Similarly, we all know that the new versions of Outlook are providing more storage limit than 2GB. But keeping an excess of unnecessary data can full your storage device. This may slow down your system, or it may start misbehaving. There is also a chance of losing important data, as well as your data, couldn’t be stored.

To overcome these problems, we need to learn how to recover delete a .pst file from a profile?  There is also a huge risk of your files getting corrupted. So it is advisable to keep your data backed up into smaller manageable files.

When will you face problem in recovering or deleting a .pst file?

If your storage gets full of the necessary data, there is a huge chance of getting some of your files corrupted. You may not find the correct data which is needed. You will get an error. It is designed to support the local storage and not for any PST network.

Sometimes it happens that your file is not corrupted or not deleted. Since you may get some errors like file not found or the file is corrupted. Wait, this may also happen due to the network traffic.

You may also not be able to get the data if it is archived or hidden. The hidden or archived folder cannot be retrieved because it does not have any personal storage. Here are few simples tips to make it solved.

How to recover .pst file from your profile?

If you face a sudden error with your file driver, this may be generated due to the corruption of file. Outlook is unable to read the file because it is archived. Or it may be the reason for network traffic. You can use Outlook Inbox Repair to get rid of this problem.

Outlook Inbox Repair (Scanpst.exe) is a utility which is used to repair the corrupted files. The data can also be recovered with the help of this exe file.

If you are using Microsoft Recovery, It is also a safe PST Repair. Instead, if you want to delete some data that is not mandatory for you. Here are some steps to delete your data.

  • First of all, navigate your PST File location.
  • Secondly, navigate the file from outlook you want to delete.
  • Then remove it from there.
  • After removing from outlook, navigate your PST File again.
  • Then delete the file.

That’s all for deleting a .pst file from your profile. Hope, you were able to delete the file from your profile. If not you can solve it with our expert advice from our professionals.

Are you unable to recover lost or archived pst file? Go through the simple steps to recover your file.

  • Locate your folder where the pst files were stored.
  • Restore the previous version
  • Then you will get a list.
  • Select the file and copy it to the original folder.

Was this information helpful to you? Did you recover your pst file successfully? Don’t worry, we are here for your help. Yes, it is better to solve your issue with the help of a perfect guide.

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