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How To Show or Hide Outlook Folders and Messages?

Upon investigation, we got to know that the issue is caused by the recent .Net Framework update (KB3186539) problem which breaks all webmail in the server by making it difficult for users to display folders and messages.Show or Hide Outlook Folders and Messages with suitable guidelines. As we know that email is a very critical service in web servers, but it can often lead to inaccessibility of mails, causing panic problem among the customers. Apart from above discussion, let us help you fix this problem in easy ways.

Show or Hide Outlook Folders and Messages:-

Show or Hide Outlook Folders and Messages

Here we will discuss three workaround to help users Show or Hide Outlook Folders and Messages and they are as follows:

  • This is the first solution where one needs to “update Outlook” to its latest version by downloading all needed updated kits.
  • If the above one did not help you out then, try this solution.
  • Now, update this config file to restart the application pool. This process will start displaying needed folders in a proper manner.
  • The following line should be added which should be between the “<system.web> and</system.web> tags: <caching><cache disableExpiration=”true”/></caching>”
  • This is the last solution where uninstalling the 4.7 .Net upgrade would also completely fix this issue.
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