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Steps To Change Outlook Email Password

It’s long back when Microsoft released its Outlook email service for users across the world.  A wide number of Hotmail, Live and MSN users have smoothly moved towards new email services like webmail service and users are definitely enjoying its clean interface working amenities. Well, to talk about its advantages, this email service offers users to work with 25 MB attachments. But apart from all these advanced features, Outlook may come under serious issues leading to hacking problem. So it is necessary to Change Outlook Email Password at-least once in a month to avoid getting hacked. But make sure that you have provided a strong password with 8 characters which should include uppercase, lowercase and special characters to be on safe online. Let’s see below instructions to change outlook password.

Steps to Change Outlook Password

Step 1: Get connected to Outlook accounts

  • Click on the “File” tab and then, select the “Info” icon where users will be displayed with the “Account Information” screen.
  • Users who are working with the Outlook email version 2003 should tap on the “Tools menu” and then, select the “E-mail Accounts” by hitting on it.

Step 2:  Get access to “account settings”

  • Click on the “Account Settings” menu icon and make a selection of the “Account Settings” icon which will open a new window with all the connected accounts of a particular user.

Step 3: Working with a selected account

  • Now carefully select the account which you wish to change the password for.  If it’s the case with you where you need to change the password which will protect your email account then, you can do that with the help of email service. Let’s say for example, to change the Outlook password, it is recommended to navigate to the “Outlook Account Recovery website”.
  • Hit on the “Change” button which will open the details of your Outlook account which you have selected.

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Step 4: Entering all your credentials

  • Here you need to type the correct password into the “Password” section and it can easily be found in the “Logon Information” section

Step 5: Save the settings

  • Click on the “Next” icon to save all your changed settings and then, test the password carefully. Outlook will then test your account by trying to attempt to the login page with the password which you provided.
  • If everything is found to be successful them a message will be displayed as a” Congratulations”

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