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Block Emails on Hotmail or Outlook

How to Block Emails on Hotmail or Outlook?

Spam mails not only consume unnecessary space of Outlook express but contain malicious files to that can damage your computer system. Outlook users including Hotmail customer who now switch over to Outlook account get bulk of spam mail regularly with threat of virus outbreaks.

Deleting one-by-one waste time and also a tedious process for Outlook users, thus, stopping them is the only best option to get only important mails and avoid junk messages. Outlook Technical Support service is the last resort to adjust crucial settings for end users. But below you can try few effective settings to stop spam mails coming in your outlook inbox.

Select and Block the Sender

The best option to control spam mails is block sender that will automatically move all mails sent from that sender into a junk mail folder. Select any spam mail, click right select junk from the drop menu and directly block sender.



Create List of Blocked Senders

If you are regularly getting mails from a particular id, group of senders, country or from a specific organization, you can send these dispatchers to a block sender list by company or country or group wise. If you don’t know how to create block sender list, call to contact Hotmail support or outlook support team for quick online help.  

Create Rules to Move into Specific Folder

Outlook mail service comes with rule creating option for moving any sender or mail to specific folder or other mail ids. It works like a predefined instruction for automatically moving all spam mails into a particular folder or forward further and repeat the same task regularly.

Creating rules is tricky process, you can take help of Hotmail Support Number technicians to sort spam mails and send them into a particular folder.       

Check and Clean Spam Folder


When you create rule in your Hotmail or Outlook mail express your spammers will be collected into a particular folders, probably you named it spam. Your phishing mails, spam messages come in various levels that are a threat to a computer system. Hence, removing them from spam folder is also very important to ensure the safety of outlook.