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How to Configure Outlook For Microsoft Office 365?

Outlook comes with improved working features such as email, contacts, calendar, task manager and many more for easier communication. Here the blog will explain how to Configure Outlook for Microsoft Office 365 . Nevertheless, users can connect to Outlook Customer Support Number +1-855-465-0984 for accurate guidelines. Before we get into the gist of this blog, let us have few more information on it. Outlook 2016 really does not support manual configuration process for any Exchange account but it can easily connect to Exchange Server with the help of “Auto Discover feature”. For ensuring a well-established connection, Auto Discover records will always do the trick required on a domain.  So, below will be steps instructed for configuring MS Office 365 that are quite easy for users to understand.

Steps to Configure Outlook For Microsoft Office 365

Configure Microsoft Office 365 In Outlook Mail

This Auto account Setup will start automatically provided if users are adding an email account to Outlook first time. So, below steps will instruct users to configure then same.

Step1: Open the MS Outlook where users will be prompted to create a profile for them. but it is the case if users  are using MS Outlook for the first time.

Step2: Now, as instructed by Outlook Customer Service professional expert team, navigate to the Control Panel and click the “Mail” icon. Now, tap on the “Show Profiles” icon.

Step3: In this step, just add or simply specify the user’s Profile name and click the “OK” button. Once done with the process, tap on “add a new profile” icon which will automatically appear on the screen. Type the name accurately and click on “OK”. An “Auto account set up” window will appear automatically.

Step4: Type the name, email address as well as password properly and after that click on Next.
Step 5: Now, MS Outlook will start to configure users’ account automatically. When users are prompted with security message, just click the ‘Don’t ask me about this website again” option and tap the “Allow” icon now.
Step 6: Windows security Windows will prompt on the screen while asking for a user name as well as the password. Now, carefully type the user name and password by clicking on “OK” button next.
Step 7: Configuring your Windows message will appear automatically on the screen. Click the “Finish” icon when all the above steps are completed. Open and get access to the “Profile in MS Outlook 365”
Step 8: Set-up your “Additional Account”. To do this, follow below instructions carefully:

  • The first thing is to open the MS Outlook and click the “File tab” option.
  • Now, click the “Add Account” option
  • In the “Add New Account” section, just select the “Email Account” option and then, enter your name, email address as well as password accurately. Click the “Next” icon.
  • Click the “Finish” icon.

Step 9: Append an Exchange account via Manual Settings as instructed by Outlook Customer Care Service technical experts.

  • Open the “MS Outlook” icon and choose “File tab” option.
  • Click the “Add Account” option now
  • Choose the option of “Manual setup” or even one can opt for “additional server types”
  • Click the “Next” icon.
    Choose the “Microsoft Exchange Server” option and click “Next” to proceed ahead.
  • Type an accurate name of the Exchange Server. If the name is not known to you then, ask your “Exchange Administrator”.
  • Now, select the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” to easily work with the cached exchange mode. It will permit users to work in their Exchange mailbox even with disconnected network mode.
  • Type the User name and then, click on “Setting” icon to change all needed settings. Check for names.
  • Tap on “Check Names” to verify that the Server is able to recognize your name as well as system that it is connected to network completely. Your user name as well as Exchange Server name will be highlighted in underlined manner to ensure that all provided information is correct.
  • Click on Ok, next and tap on finish icon
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