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How to Fix Hotmail Error Code 403?

The Hotmail error code 403 is usually an issue which arises due to forbidden access errors. This happens while watching videos, sending emails, etc. in the PC device. Users when they does not have any index page and is also suffering from permission issues. We have penned down few steps below to Fix Hotmail Error Code 403.

Steps to Fix Hotmail Error Code 403

Step 1: Administrative tools icon

  • Go to the start button and then click on the “control panel to select it
  • Users are needed to double click on the administrative tools icon. Double click the “internet information service” which can be easily located in the consoles section. The process will open the IIS settings
  • Right click on that particular directory from which the web server iOS getting the error 403 and then click the “properties” icon in the menu section

Step 2: Access the properties page

  • Tap the “Directory Security” icon which is located in the Properties window and then, hit the “edit button located in the “Anonymous Access” section. In this window, you need to go for a check of a box which will display a message by saying “Anonymous Access.” when this appears, just click the “OK” button to return to the “Properties” window.
  • Tap the “Home Directory” icon located in the Properties window. Ensure that there are no other check boxes except the one appearing as a “Read” text. This should be checked in the “Permissions” section properly. Further, users will be allowed to read as well as browse emails continuously. Click the “OK” button at last.
  • Verify all the made changes by simply opening the email or web browser and again enter the website domain in the address bar.

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How to Fix Hotmail Error Code 80072ee2?

This is an error code which arises with the Hotmail account while users are trying to update Windows system and as a result it returns various generic errors. Users working with the Windows 8 system generally encounters the error message. Below are solutions given to Fix Hotmail Error Code 80072ee2. Let us see now about those solutions below.

Step to Fix Hotmail Error Code 80072ee2

Step 1: Dealing with a proxy server

If users are working with the proxy server then, ensure that all the settings are correct on the client. Make sure that URL is smoothly accessible without any alert message for a username as well as for a password. In such cases, try to create a rule in the firewall which will allow all traffic to Windows Update with the help of proxy settings. Now, remove all the proxy settings from the Internet Explorer which is on the client side and try to receive updates related to it. If the update is well capable of discovering all other needed software then, install them. Don’t forget to revert all of the changes that you have made. Hopefully it will resolve the issue now.

Step 2: If the above solution did not work out then, try this one.

Make sure that you don’t have any spyware software installed in the device while working with the Hotmail email. If you have these software installed then, using a proxy server is highly recommended. With the use of single command, users can easily set it back to its original settings. Type the CMD command in the Search bar of the Start Menu, and press the ENTER button to execute the command which should look like:

I hope your problem will be solved out completely.

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