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How to Fix Mipmapi.Dll Error in Outlook Email?

This issue generally executes while users are trying to point to the ‘Send To’ icon and is clicking on the ‘Mail Recipient’ icon.  Mipmapi.dll” is an error message which is a part of Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email error due to the default mail client. Another reason is due to the installation of the AOL software at the same time but running this instead of the default mail client. So, below solutions have been discussed to Fix Mipmapi.Dll Error in Outlook Email where users will be introduced what should be done.

Steps to Fix Mipmapi.Dll Error in Outlook Email

So, here you need to follow all the instructions properly to get rid of the “Mipmapi.dll” error message easily. The very first step is to find out the ‘Start’ button and then, click on the ‘Properties’ icon. Now, navigate to the ‘Start Menu’ tab and click on the ‘Start menu’ icon. Click on the ‘Customize’ icon next.

Users are now advised to click the ‘General’ tab and then, click on the ‘Show on Start menu’ icon to check for the ‘Internet’ connection. Now, you are advised to click on the ‘Internet list’ icon and then click on the ‘Internet Explorer’ icon. The next thing is to go to the ‘Show on Start menu’ icon and then check for the ’email check’ box. Tap on the e-mail list and click the ‘Microsoft Outlook’ icon. Hit the “OK” button twice.


If you come across a message displayed as “Mipmapi.dll” error when pointing to the ‘Send To’ icon and clicking Mail Recipient on his system, then you are requested to fix it by simply customizing the ‘Start’ menu icon. Once done, just right click on the file and then, point to the ‘Send To’ icon. Now, just click on the ‘Mail Recipient’ to send the file in an e-mail message.

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