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Easily Fix Multiple PST Files In Outlook

Outlook is a vastly used webmail suit from Microsoft. And that has made it vulnerable to many issues and problems. Multiple PST File Error is one among its most common issues. But before we begin to discuss the how to fix multiple pst files in outlook, we must first know what are these PST files and what causes the error.

What is PST Files?

These are Outlook Data Files that are used for copying or moving attachments and Emails. With these PST files, you can move these emails and attachments from your mail server to the local PC.

So, these are more like your local archive created for storing your emails and attachments on the hard drive of your computer or server share or USB, wherever you want.

Earlier, you could only store 2 Gigabytes of your emails and attachments. But, with Outlook 2003 and 2007 Outlook, you can now store over 20 Gigabytes of same information. However, you must not create huge PST files. If you want to store huge data, create multiple PST files.

So, if you are using them in abundance, you would need easy ways to fix multiple PST files in Outlook. But then, what are the root cause of errors in these files?

Causes Of PST Files Issues

Sometimes you will not be able to open or access these PST files. They get corrupt and hence become inaccessible. There could be a few reasons for that.

The Hardware Reason

At times, your hardware could be the reason why you can’t access your PST file. There are a few different  kinds of hardware issues that can corrupt your PST file.

  • Failure of data storage devices-If your PST file is stored in the bad sector of your hard drive, it might make the file corrupt.
  • Fault In the network device- If your PST file is on the network server and you try to access it from the client computer, then it might get corrupt due to the issue in any network device.
  • Power failure- If the power goes off while you are you are still looking at your PST file, it can damage the file.

The Software Reason

Sometimes, the error can also occur due to the problem with software.

  • File Recovery – A file recovery that went wrong can damage the PST files. It is hard to believe but true. Sometimes, when you try to recover PST file, you might end up corrupting it further.
  • Malware or Virus – No need to tell you that a malware or virus can corrupt pretty much everything, even your PST files.
  • Abnormal Termination of Outlook – Make sure you gracefully and systematically close your outlook after saving all the changes you made to PST files. An abnormal exit from your webmail can damage these files.

These are just a few reasons why you could lose your PST file or they could be corrupted. So, now let’s see how to fix multiple pst files in outlook.

How to Fix Multiple PST Files In Outlook?

Usually, you first step should be to contact an expert. But in case you want to try a few things yourself, you can begin by using the file explorer. A little tweaking can help you know why the file got corrupted. This, in turn will give you the idea on what to do.

But, first you must update your software and run the antivirus scan for any malware. These are the two very common factors that damage your PST file. You just might be lucky and you could fix multiple PST files in Outlook by updating your software or clearing out you system of viruses and malware.

In a graver condition, you might want to use the inbuilt tool by Microsoft for repairing the PST files. However, if you are looking for the best workaround solution, going to an expert is the best choice. It is, at least better and safe than doing it manually. You just might end up damaging the files more. The professionals will know the right thing to do.

What If Nothing Works?

That’s a million dollar question –  what if you are unable to fix multiple pst files in outlook? Well then, find an expert, call us. For any assistance in repairing your PST files, you can give us a call on our toll-free number. Our team is knowledgeable and capable to deal with all kind of PST issues.

We can guide you through the entire process and suggest some wonderful utility tools for the same. You can also email us your query or avail our Outlook support feature for help. remember, we are always your last resort. if nothing works, we can surely help you.