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How to Fix Outlook 2010 IMAP 800cccd9 Error Code?

This is a type of complex issue which occurs while your Outlook application settings are completely corrupted. Other reasons that include this error problem are Virus/Malware issues, Windows Update/Upgrade problems, issues while updating Microsoft Office, critical Proxy issues, defect in the ISP connection, and severe issues due to improper shutdown or while restarting the system. We have discussed solutions to Fix Outlook 2010 IMAP 800cccd9 Error Code with detailed explanations. But before we proceed, let us see what the most prominent symptoms of this error code are?

Step to fix Outlook 2010 IMAP 800cccd9 error code

  • Outlook Freezing or Hanging signs
  • Outlook Crashing issues or even it may crash when you starts it.
  • Outlook will stop responding automatically

Step 1: Repairing all corrupt files

  • Close the “Outlook files”.
  • Right click on the “Start button” in the “Windows” and then, choose the “Command Prompt (Admin)” icon.
  • Now, in the “Command Prompt” window, just type the “sfc /scannow” command.
  • Wait till you are completely done with the process.
  • Restart the PC now and then; open up the “Outlook” icon.

Step 2: It deals with the “Turning off the Windows Firewall” icon

  • Open the “Control Panel” icon now
  • Click on the “Windows Firewall” icon. If you see that the “Windows Firewall” is in enabled position then, the Windows Firewall state will be in “On” state. To turn it off, just click on the “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” button which is located in the lefty navigation pane.
  • Select the “Turn off Windows Firewall” icon and then, hit on the “OK” icon.

Step 3: Here you need to turn of the Antivirus program on temporary basis.

  • The very first step here in this solution is that click on the antivirus protection program icon which is located on the “Windows Notification Area”. Once you have easily located the antivirus icon, simply right-click the icon and then, select the “Disable, Stop, and Shut down” or something similar to it

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