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How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800c0133?

Outlook is one of the most highly renowned components of Microsoft and yes, a wide number of people are using it to send emails. . But you know what, when you are working with the Outlook, you may encounter few errors and one such is Fix Outlook Error 0x800c0133. This error occurs due to the corrupted Inbox file. Other causes of the Outlook error 0x800C0133 as studies by Outlook Technical Support Number +1-855-465-0984 technicians are due to corrupted Windows registry files, Corrupted inbox.dbx file, incomplete installation of Outlook Express software, Size of inbox.dbx is bigger than the default file size limitation and yes of-course it is due to corrupted Windows system files.

Steps to fix the Outlook Error 0x800c0133

Step 1: Working with the Outlook Express

  • Users need to open the “Outlook Express” first.

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Step2: Local Folders

  • As suggested by Outlook Tech Support professionals, simply click on the “Local Folders” icon which is located in the “navigation” section.

Step3: TEMP files

  • One needs to make a new folder buy naming it as a “TEMP” file

Step4:  TEMP folder

  • Next, carefully move all the emails from the “Inbox” section to the “TEMP” folder

Step5: Browsing the Inbox.dbx file location

  • Click on the “Tools” menu in the “Outlook Express” and then carefully choose the “Options” icon from the “menu” section .
  • Tap on the “maintenance tab”.
  • Next, simply click on the “store folder” button .
  • Then, one needs to just exit from the “Outlook Express”
  • At last, just browse the location and then do find the “Inbox.DBX file”
  • Next, just delete the “inbox.dbx file” icon .


Step6:  Outlook Express Inbox

  • Users are advised to open the “Outlook Express Inbox” folder which needs to be recreated .

Step7: Moving the emails

  • In this step, you need to move all the emails from the “Temp” to “Inbox folder” section.

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