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How to Fix Outlook Express Error Code 0x80040605?

Users working with the Outlook Express 2013 and is working with Windows 7 as well as internet explorer are usually prone to this error code. Even if they have un-installed a search engine, it seems like they are still prone to this error 0x80040605 any time by displaying a message as ” to send a message or tried to use the address book.  Below are steps explained to Fix Outlook Express Error Code 0x80040605 with detailed explanation of each step.

Steps to Fix Outlook Express Error Code 0x80040605

Step 1: Download the address book

If users are working with the Outlook Express 2013, they are suggested to click the “FILE -> Info -> Account Settings -> Download Address Book” icon and then, download the address book again to check for the error problem

Step 2: Remove corrupted components

As the issue occurred after the removal of the search engine, it is also possible that there are some corrupted components that need an immediate removal. Office components that are corrupted may also be the result of such error. So it is essential to remove them as soon as possible. To do this, simply go to the “Control Panel” icon and then tap the “Programs and Features” icon to repair the installation of Office software which is causing this Outlook Express error. Check for the problem after it is done

Step 3: Fix the corrupted Outlook Express profile

Based on the error code, it is also possible that user’s Outlook profile is corrupted. Hence it needs to be resolved. To fix it up, go to the “Control Panel -> Search “Mail” icon and open it. The next thing is to add a new profile to check for the error code.

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