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How To Fix Outlook Send Or Receive Error?

Send or receive error in Outlook occurs due to possible threats such as error attacks, bad synchronization done, database issue or may be due to unknown bug. To get rid of this problem, Fix Outlook Send or Receive Error by approaching at Outlook Customer Support Number . But there lies more reasons for this error code to execute such as internet connection problems, improper Outlook email settings, suspicious email found, etc.

Below are checkpoints to fix Outlook send or receive error:

Fix Outlook Send or Recieve Error

Check Point 1: Check for internet connection

It is one of the primary focus that need to consider before proceeding to next step. Users as suggested by Outlook Customer Service team, open up the internet explorer in the Windows PC sand access any website of your choice to ensure the connectivity of your internet.

Check Point 2:  Removal of all illegal Outlook email account settings

This is the second thing to be considered by user where they need to have a check for each and every version of MS Outlook whether settings are accurate or not. However, the process will differ slightly and deviate from one version to another in same email client. But yes, the probability of settings error is certainly higher at the user’s end. So, fixing up any bad issues within the Outlook mail is essential.

Check Point 3: Remove all the garbage as well as suspicious emails

Sometimes, malicious codes are also one of the causes of this error on mailbox which happens due to unreliable senders. In such cases, users need to delete all such emails on immediate basis.

Check Point 4: Avoid working with Clashes with antivirus software

Sometimes there are antivirus plug-ins in MS Outlook/Express which creates a barrier for the incoming/outgoing server. So, this needs to be checked and remove issues from the core.

Check Point 5: Set priority for firewall software

If we set high priority with firewall then it will block all the access of message transfer protocol process and system. To avoid such kind of barrier, it is essential to set adequate priority with MS Outlook and Express email client. Well, all the above solutions are effective for users to apply.

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