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Repair an Outlook 2007 Data File with Easy Hacks

Outlook is a Microsoft Office suite that stores email for every account in Personal Storage Table (PST).  It is a de-facto business client and is used as an exchange email server. Remember, on How to fix Outlook 2007 Data File corrupted issue; you need to see the foremost that your Outlook is of the latest version and figure out where the file is located. If you are facing this problem frequently, you must go through the following points.

Why does Outlook Data File get corrupted?

As we know Outlook Data are located on App Data Folder, you must be able to securely set up your account with Outlook. It receives its personal base with a (.ost) extension. The OST extension is the offline data file but for exchange email account, hence this might be a problem. Fixing Outlook 2007 Data File corrupted is not actually an extremely tedious task, only if you can access the solutions.

When the particular Outlook Data File is not opening, you might receive an error message saying ‘Outlook can’t open.’

The basic reasons for the corrupted Data Files can be as follows

  • Account settings might be changed, hence the files might get deleted or corrupted.
  • The scanned files might not have been backed up.
  • The size of your PST files must be larger than recommended.
  • Your Outlook version might be obsolete hence data cannot be compatible.
  • You might miss your last service pack from Outlook, that might make the suite an obsolete one.
  • Your Anti-Virus might not be working properly, hence while your surfing through the internet, some malicious files entered your device.
  • The system might not be configured, which is another problem.
  • The user’s local drive might be corrupted.
  • You might have a data storage failure, that your device has not warned you about.
  • If you have tried to update the Outlook then make sure you complete the download process and properly run the administration for better performance.
  • You have shared your .pst file on multiple networks.
  • Usual addition and removal of third-party tools in the system.
  • Running Outlook on a compatibility mode.
  • Using a profile which is created on an older version.

What happens when Outlook Files get corrupted?

Virus infected data files usually get tampered, which can eventually affect the device. You might not get 100% data recovery if the repair is not done efficiently. Manual techniques might not be an easy option.

Sometimes Outlook won’t close, keeps on running in task manager. The outlook pst file might get disabled from the Registry for people who use advanced versions. Due to the corrupted file, the Outlook can crash. Microsoft office Outlook might not start that can lead to big losses!

How to fix Outlook 2007 Data File corrupted? Office Indicatives

Now, all these issues might scare you as Outlook contains huge data regarding business, contacts, tasks etc. The repair can take place, provided you are well acquainted with technical terms and their usage.

The instant solution is the SCANPST.EXE file. Other than this you can

  • Choose C:\Program Files or Files (x86). If you fail to find this file, search in other locations.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 has two versions.
  • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\.
  • 64-bit Windows: : C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\.
  • Press start to begin the scanning file process.
  • If there is any error, then click repair option to remove that totally.
  • While repairing a backup file will develop, search that and name it so that you can locate it later.
  • Continue to run a check of same files until no errors are found.
  • Once it is repaired, you will be able to use it.

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