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Easy Hacks To Fix Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed Issue

Microsoft Outlook email service is one of the most reliable email services out in the market. But the Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed error message often appears while using the exchange mailbox through the OST files.

In MS Outlook, it stores all the mailbox data in an offline storage table (OST) file while connecting the exchange server. If you experience any downtime while using the MS Outlook account, these OST files play a crucial role. Hence, you can access your MS Outlook account without any interruption.

This Outlook issue is one of the most common problems often faced by Outlook users. If you want some useful knowledge to cure the problem, it is the perfect place for that. This article is totally based on this particular Outlook problem.

Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

Reasons Why Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed

Reasons are the most important part which you have to know before going to the solution part. There are various reasons behind the Outlook problem. Let’s look into some of the possible reasons behind the error:

  • Missing OST file location.
  • MS Outlook profile is corrupted.
  • Corrupted or damaged OST files.
  • Antivirus and Firewall application may cause the problem.

These reasons are the key factors behind the problem. Now if you can fix the issue by yourself, then fine. Otherwise, you can follow the article to know the solutions.

Ways To Troubleshoot Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed Problem

After navigating to the exact reason behind the error, t let’s look at the solution procedures. There are a lot of ways to resolve the issue, depending on the causes. Here we are going to discuss some easiest ways by which you can fix the Outlook data file cannot be an accessed problem in ease.

Method 1: Open A New Account

Sometimes the OST file problem may occur due to the defected MS Outlook account. If the problem arises from this corrupted Outlook account, then there is no option to replace it with a new one.

Before creating a new account save the OST files data in an external storage device. Then create a new account and paste the data in the new account by which you can access those files again.

Method 2: Locate The OST Files

Many times it is seen that if you can’t find the OST files in your device, it may show the problem. So, open the Control Panel tab and search for Mail option.

Then click on the Properties under Show profile. From there, you can find the Data Files and open the files and note the location. After that, you will not face the problem again.

Method 3: Disabling Firewall And Antivirus Applications

If you are using a Firewall and Antivirus applications in your system, these may prevent you to access the OST files. In that case, the antivirus applications and Firewall may think that OST files are carrying some threats for your device.

Hence as soon as you face the trouble, just disable the antivirus and Firewall on a temporary basis.

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After applying the solutions thoroughly if you are still facing the Outlook data file cannot be accessed problem, connect with the Microsoft Customer Service for further assistance. The technicians are always there to help you out form the problem.

You can dial the Outlook Customer Service helpline number[] and your queries. Moreover, you can also go for the online chat facility to discuss your problem with the technicians directly. Therefore, for any kind of technical glitch, you can come to us at any time.