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Resolve “Outlook not responding when opening” Issue

Microsoft Outlook helps to archive Inbox emails to reduce the mailbox size. Random Outlook issues can restrict your productivity and hamper your efficiency. Repeated issues related to “Outlook not responding when opening” can be resolved by opting for instant help. Read the write-up and gain an idea regarding the reasons that lead to this unresponsive issue with your Email Account.

Why is Outlook not responding when opening?

These are some several reasons why Outlook stops responding.

  • Outdated Outlook may be the reason for not responding of the Outlook
  • In case the Outlook users use the application in multiple processes then the problem occurs with them
  • There must be problems with the add-in installed
  • Due to a heavy mailbox, it stops responding sometimes
  • Any nature of demoralization in Office programs may cause for Outlook not responding when opening
  • If your device contains Corrupt or damaged Outlook Data Files then it may stop responding
  • In case there is any issue related to struggle in the antivirus software be the reason
  • The user’s profile is corrupt then there may be a problem

All the issues are found when you open the Outlook and it doesn’t respond. By the given steps, you can resolve the issue.

How to solve Outlook not responding when opening issue?

Mentioned below are some of the common solutions which help you to get solutions regarding Outlook not responding when opening.

  1. When Outlook starts, it will locate and load your mailbox file and your Outlook profile. Before storing your mailbox file, you have to make sure that your computer should have an active connection. You have to disable the 3rd party Outlook and use the Outlook Detect & Repair Function to automatically fix Mailbox File Errors.
  2. If you are facing any problem of outlook not responding when opening, at first Close all open programs and applications.
  3. You have to reduce the data files of your mailbox, even though with time your outlook inbox is getting bigger in size
  4. Fix office data which helps you to solve your problem.
  5. You have to close the office application first >Then open the Control Panel. Here you can change your Office Programmes.
  6. By disabling your antivirus software, you can fix this problem. When your antivirus software gets out of date, it might be the big reason for the outlook issue.

Get in touch with our Microsoft Support

These are some tricks of Outlook not responding when opening at your home. Still facing a problem with outlook stop responding when opening? Don’t worry. We are here for you to give you quick support.

If the above methods are not helping to fix the problem in Outlook and it doesn’t work then it means that your Outlook Data file is corrupt. Don’t worry you can resolve it with the help of our technical experts that experienced in solving the Microsoft Outlook Error.

You can call our toll-free Outlook support phone number +1-855-465-0984, We have messaging facilities also where you can message us anytime for the quick response. Our experts are always available to you.