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How to Send an Encrypted Secure Email in Outlook

How to Send an Encrypted Secure Email in Outlook?

Sending mails is unsafe at every step either you are using a web based service or system based application. Outlook is one the most popular and widely used emailing service mainly used by business enterprises to provide a highly interactive and user-friendly platform to communicate using only network based connections among all the users.

However, sending mails through Outlook can be more secure if you send it using encryption method, your message will be completely safe. Actually, when you encrypt your email message in outlook, it protects your message by making it private by converting it from a human readable text to computer coded text. And this message can be only decoded by the recipient having private key that should also match with public key used to encrypt the message.

How to Encrypt a Single Message?

You can encrypt a single message or all messages you want send. The encryption process is very easy to perform, though you can also take help of Outlook Support Phone Number to know the right process of encryption. By the way, you can do it by opening option tab when you compose a message where open more options group and click on message options dialog box launcher dialog box launcher. Click on security settings and then select the encrypted message contents and attachments check box, compose your message and then send.

How to Encrypt All Outgoing Messages?

Just like a single message you can set your Outlook to encrypt all your messages before sending it anyway. But every recipient must have the decoding key to read the message otherwise encryption would be useless from the end-users point of view. To encrypt the all outgoing message, click on File tab open options and click on trust center and setting option under this head. Now under the email security tab, under encrypted email select the encrypt contents option and attachment for outward going messages check box.

Outlook helpline Number

Outlook Customer Care Number service is also available round-the-clock to encrypt or decode the encrypted messages with complete privacy. With the help of these technicians you can also change additional settings, such as choosing a specific certificate to use by opening setting option. Note when you send an encrypted message, the content of message not appears in the reading pane of the outlook mail inbox, you have to click it twice to open the message. And you can send an encrypted message but it cannot be scanned for virus or malware detection.