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How to Fix Windows Live Mail Server Error 3219?

The Server Error 3219 is a standard issue which is followed by the error 0x8DE00005. This error generally means that the Windows Live Server is not able to connect with the Hotmail/Outlook or MSN servers to retrieve the emails.

This issue can occur when users configure their WLM to connect and sync the mail over the secure HTTP link. This has been a standard issue over the years and the WLM stops working quite often whenever the servers are updating or it is overloaded.

Server Error 3219

Causes of the Server Error 3219

Our experienced Outlook technicians believe that the primary reason for this error is linked with the two type of authentication which simultaneously uses the same credentials.

The error 3219 is annoying for users who have configured the WLM. The actual reason behind this error is the WLM overloading or updating. Therefore, it is advised by experts to set the accounts by IMAP like as the Windows Live Mail.

Causes are plenty but so are the solutions, so you do not need to worry about troubleshooting this issue. This blog will provide the reliable instructions to deal with the server error 3219.

How to fix Windows Live Mail Server Error 3219

Follow the steps given below carefully to re-configure the account.

  • First of all, to configure your account, you need to click on the “Accounts” tab and then hit on the “+Symbol” with the @ sign.
  • Then in the text box which appears next, enter your email address and the password.
  • Type “display message” to display your sent message in the text box.
  • Next, tick the checkbox beside the option “Manually Configure the Server Settings.”
  • Click on the “Next” option to proceed.
  • Now in the “Incoming Server Information” section, there is a ” Server Type Field” section below it. Choose the “IMAP” option from the drop-down list.
  • Type “i-map.outlook.com” in the “Server Address Type.” Furthermore, type “993” in the port type.
  • Next, tick on the checkbox for the “Requires a secure connection SSL.”
  • Under the “Outgoing Server Information” section, type “smpt-mail.outlook.com” in the Server Address Field. Type “587” in the port option.
  • After this, tick the checkboxes that require a secure connection SSL and requires authentication. Then click on next to proceed.
  • With the following steps, the process is finally complete. Now it is the time to see the new Account. The new account is added on the left side panel of the Windows Live Mail.
  • In case you wish to move the messages from the old account to the new one, it is possible. Drag the messages you want to transfer and then drop them in the respective folders.
  • You will notice all your messages will be re-downloaded except for the “Sent messages.” You can drag and drop those sent messages.
  • Once the new account is in place, you can now delete the old account. Do it by right-clicking on the account and then choose the “Remove Account” option to complete the process.

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