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How To Turn On and Off Outlook Focused Inbox Feature?

Email sorting is an essential task for individuals. Here the blog will describe how to Turn On and Off Outlook Focused Inbox Feature in few easy steps.  Our purpose is to assist users focus on the important items in their inbox and this is easily done by transferring it to a separate folder.

Steps to Turn On and Off Outlook Focused Inbox Feature are

Turn On and Off Outlook Focused Inbox feature

Step 1: The first step is to open your Outlook and navigate to ‘View’ tab of the ribbon interface. Now, users need to find and choose ‘Show Focused Inbox’ option.

Step 2: If users need to configure these settings, just select the Focused or Other icon and right-click on message which you wish to move.

Step 3: If users want to move all messages from Focused to Other, then choose ‘Move to Other‘ option. This will work for a selected message and also users can select ‘Always Move to Other’ icon. To turn on/off Outlook focused inbox feature, this is the step which users need to perform. However if users wish to check all future messages from the sender to be delivered to the other tab the carefully perform it.

Step 4: On the other hand, to move messages from Other to Focused, you need to choose ‘Move to Focused‘ icon and tap on ‘Always Move to Focused’ icon for all future messages and deliver it to the Focused tab.

I hope all the above steps will help users move ahead easily. Still if any issue exist then, approach us at below contact details.

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