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Using MSN, Hotmail or Outlook; a Quick Guide

Moving to Hotmail after using MSN can be bit tricky for the native users, mostly old one, who are not very prone to the technology; these new changes are difficult to operate, but if you will learn few steps, you don’t need to worry. Microsoft offers advance synchronization and integration for Hotmail account, instant messaging services, sky drive file hosting services, create a new account, send or receive emails and make POP3 access account.

Initial step

1- Account creation

  • Microsoft has changed the name of Hotmail to window live, to create a new account in window live, navigate the account creation page and sign up now.
  • Enter your details, followed by first name and second name, respectively gender detail and date of birth.
  • Fill the user name detail, how would you like to sign in field. Alternatively, you can also name existing email ID; it will be your user name while signing in to the account.
  • Fill the password information in password field, re-enter the password, you have to fill security question and mobile number in account creation form. In future, if you ever forgotten the password, you can retrieve the password via mobile number and security question given in a link.
  • Enter the country code and fill the captcha, to ensure that account is created by human being.

How to use E-mail account?

  • Login via user ID and password you created for windows live email.
  • Select a theme for your Hotmail account by soaring mouse curser over the themes, select that suits your eyes.
  • Click “add your contact” to add list of contacts to your account, list of email receipts, and set up privacy setting, MSN offers three option while setting privacy window.
  • 1-Private
  • 2-Limited
  • 3-Public
  • In private mode, nobody can see your activity in your account, in public mode everyone can see the activity and in limited mode, the activity will be restricted to the MSN friends only.
  • Click “inbox to see view received emails” hover the curser over Hotmail, after you logged in and send email to compose an email. You can insert, Microsoft office documents, emoticons, photos and Bing, which allows you to attach search results of Bing.
  • password

To know more detail about window live email, Hotmail or outlook, visit: and speak with a technician at: +1-855-465-0984 .