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Ways to recover deleted folders in Outlook

Have you deleted or lost a folder from your Microsoft Outlook Application? No need to worry about, you landed on the right page. We will guide you, How to recover deleted folders in Outlook easily, without any complications.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is your personal information manager, mainly used as email applications. In Outlook, a personal folder extension file is located on your PC’s hard disk instead of a server. Your personal folder and file contain all your personal documents like files, messages, forms, and others. The benefit of using the Outlook is, you can copy or move your file to another location on your computer or server.

Setting up personal folders is easy. Earlier it was little difficult but with the technology advancement Outlook 2010, was made more user-friendly to avoid hassles.

Benefits of using Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is always been compared with the Google. They are different from one another. Gmail is an email provider and a webmail interface. But whereas Outlook is a software application that manages your email address and any email addresses which you want to configure. Also, it comes with many integrated features. Microsft Outlook also includes contacts, calendar, task manager, web browsing, note taking etc.

Why your folders are deleted from Microsoft Outlook?

If this sub-headline has attracted you, surely, you deleted your important emails or file attached to it accidentally or by mistake.  So, what are the possible reasons for getting your files deleted?

  • Perhaps you are working efficiently and sincerely, and you are almost finished, but the power goes out and you forget to save your work. The whole work is deleted or gone in a fraction of second.
  • While updating the better version of  MS Outlook, your files and folders might get lost or deleted.
  • Close the folder, messages before saving.
  • A virus might have attacked the software. Viruses like worms and trojans can attack your system very easily. It would be a good advise to install an antivirus as soon as possible for no longer harassment.
  • Hacking can be an option of your lost folders. There are many hackers, who track down your important documents and folders. Kindly, be more careful while sharing your information and try to change your passwords frequently.

These are the most common problems, that you have come across and came here for how to recover deleted folders in Outlook. But not to worry about, the following article has the solution for it.

Recover the folder that’s no longer in your Deleted folder

It’s common and tiring when you can’t even find your folder or items from the deleted items folder. If you faced problems like such, goto the recoverable items folder. All the deleted items are moved to a hidden folder by selecting it and pressing Shift+Delete., which is recoverable.       (Recoverable The folders which are hidden folder, and in this place items are moved when you Permanently delete an item by selecting it and pressing Shift+Delete.)

Problem with Microsoft Outlook is nothing to be shocked of. It’s pretty common, plenty of users do face it every day. But no reason to worry, we have technicians to help you out. Go through the further article.

How to recover deleted folders in Outlook? Easy guide

Many of you have accidentally deleted an item or folder from your Outlook mailbox and have a terrible experience on losing it.  The first thing that comes to your mind is how to recover or undo. The undoes process is not in your option. so what to do? Follow these amazing steps below and figure out the problem :

1. Recover deleted  Outlook folder from Deleted Items folder

  • First, open your outlook. Go to your email folder. Look for your trash bin or deleted items.
  • Search for the item you want,  message, calendar, notes, contacts, then right-click on it and select Move> Other Folder.

2. Recover deleted Outlook folder from the Server.

If you have permanently deleted your folder and don’t know how to restore it. Don’t worry we will fix your problem.

Try to retrieve them back using “Recover Deleted Items from the Server” option.

Engage with Microsoft Support for the Best Result

Still struggling on How to recover deleted folders in Outlook? Don’t be tensed, we are here for your assistance. Fixation of deleted folders in Microsoft Outlook is little difficult, as you are not tech savvy, better not to try by yourself, ways to connect with us:

Call Support: Call us at our toll-free number +1-855-465-0984 and describe your problem. Our outlook technical support team and experts are available 24/7 at your assistance to fix any problem that you are encountering.

Email Support: You can even mail us . We will get in touch with you asap.

Live Chat Support: We also provide live chats and video chat portals. Experts will guide you with step wise directions. Always feel free to connect with us.