Get Advanced Business Management With Cakemail Support

Are you facing slow response issues while using Cakemail applications? Stop being worried our support team has been working with effort to improve response time and application speeds. We believe in updating our app with no downtime. Cakemail Customer Service team will help you with various ideas and guidance to be more comfortable. The support team that we have is an expert to provide you solution to all kind of technical issues.

As Cakemail plays an active role in establishing a small business, our service supports in all the possible ways. It helps our users to succeed to a great extent.

Announcing Features:

We create multiple internal tools so that your workflow is speeded up. Some more added up features are there which a non-technical people can also empower. We could also have updated the existing tools, but that would not make us different from others. For availing all these fantastic features, contact our support team, and we will guide you how to avail these features.


We provide anti-law spam support to our customers so that they do not receive any spam emails. It is the best feature which we offer to our customers, unlike others.

Issues Faced by Users:

  • Unable to create and update mail
  • UI availability issue
  • Cannot track the image that is uploaded.
  • Unable to load.
  • Unable to deliver emails.
  • Applications not available.


Choose your favourite fonts, colours and your work is done. Rest of the work will be done by our technicians. You can create your template with your favourite colours and fonts, and we will provide the best models for you. You are just a few clicks ahead of your preferred template. Dial us and avail the assistance of your best template.

Cakemail Support Service For Customers

Support grows, and it evolves every day, and with it, our knowledge also grows. We have managed a team of technicians who are efficient to guide you through this.

We provide guidance from- building up the contact list, editing the content of your campaign, testing and then sending the campaign. Our technicians have documented easy and simple steps so that you are not in trouble. Give us an opportunity to prove our service. We are provided with the title of loyalty and reliability.

We listen to our customers actively. There are lots of debates going on about the features of Cakemail   regarding Photoshop/Axure vs HTML mockups. It does not matter, use the techniques with which you are comfortable. Still facing the issue, get in touch with our Cakemail Support technicians. It’s not a big issue for our technicians to design in Photoshop. All you need is a proper guide, which our technicians are. They are the best guide for all your problems.

Reach Cakemail Tech Support Team For Instant Help

Cakemail Customer Service

We provide with the best support, for this new tool which is very much prettier. All your data are safe and secure with our team. Dial our Cakemail Technical Support number  +1-800-213-3740, and we will serve you with the best.