Terms of Use

Our service use is made by client at his discretion. The service is given by client on “as is” and “as available” basis. Our customer and product support is given to clients who have paid the charges for the product. Our tech support company will delete the content that is unlawful. If you plan signing the document for the online or offline payment at our tech support company, you will be bound by the terms and conditions. Our tech support company has right to update and alter service terms having offices in different parts of world. The third party products, features, tools, services and packages provided by our tech Support Company with time is governed by the terms and conditions from the first day without exception. If you violate the terms and conditions, it will result in the account termination.

  • You will have to be of the age of eighteen years or above that. Apart from this, you must fulfill other conditions according to local regulations.
  • One single registered user can use the account. Our tech support company provides services only for the issues that are mentioned on our website. For the unmentioned problems, we can guide the client but we are not bound to provide services.
  • We provide the services by three means. The three means are online chat, email or call. In the service mode provisions, there is no inclusion of onsite service.
  • By agreeing to the terms of use, our tech support company will not carry out work that is related to warranty related to the manufacturers of the devices. We are not authorized to do this. We also do not provide system replacements or replacements of machine parts.
  • You are yourself responsible for security of device, username and password. You cannot share personal details, confidential data, financial details, personal information etc. Our tech support company is not liable for damage or loss in case you fail to comply with obligations of security.
  • You cannot share the confidential data to the tech support professional. If you share it accidently, you can change the password immediately. Our tech support company will not be responsible for the loss of data due to carelessness.
  • During the sessions of remote access, it is advised to monitor session if service associate is online with you. If you get the remote session request without the call of service associate, in such a case, do not accept the service request. Our tech support company is no way responsible for data theft because of lack of care from the side of client. You cannot use our service for something that is unauthorized or illegal. You cannot violate laws within the jurisdiction. The violation is not limited to just the intellectual property laws and copyright laws.
  • We will not be responsible for any damage due to the decline of authorization of any monetary transaction in case card holder exceeds the preset limit.

Payment, Refund, Up-gradation and Downgrading Terms

  • If you are going for the online services, there is need for a credit card that is valid. We have right to reject or accept payment made through other modes or credit cards.
  • Our tech support company provides the support plan from the time you sign the copy of agreement.
  • If the plan exceeds one month, then the client is bound to follow our guidelines in this matter. If the service is not available during that particular month, then there will be no refund of advance charges.
  • A certain percentage is deducted in case of full refund. The amount can vary from one client to another and negotiations in this matter will be done after further discussions.
  • We do not store the financial and credit card information of customer and we do not do billing without explicit consent.
  • You have the choice to move from monthly plan to the incident based plan.